UFOs hovering above Sinaloa, Mexico 3-Jan-2012

UFO sightings 2012 – These bright unidentified flying objects were seen and recorded in the sky above Sinaloa in Mexico on Tuesday, 3rd January 2012.
Witness report: UFO’s caught on film in the distance in SInaloa Mexico. In my opinion they are definetly not meteors. They are moving way to slow and when you get a close up, it almost looks like they are rotating!
Author (OPENMINDZTV @ youtube)

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  1. I saw an orange light in the sky over the Westerly, RI area around 8 pm last night, January 6. From my perspective in Connecticut it moved slowly to the right and stopped a few seconds, did that again a couple of times, then moved left and stopped for a few seconds and then gradually faded into the distance away from me. It was so far away, probably 20 or 30 miles, that no detail or outline was

  2. Meteors????????How on Earth can anyone even mention that??Alien ships(or something)thats what it is..They are watching our transformation period closely.Its a time in Earth history like NEVER before..Moving into the next dimension,in a time like this clear insanity.Not seen very often,this much darkness,so close to the next level and still evil rules????Incredibly stupid humanity,almost

  3. Very interesting. It did seem to rotate. If NASA reported meteors in the area, I agree with the video taker that they would have traveled much faster and depending on atmospheric phenomena there would have a resultant debri field or more of a tail behind the object.

  4. 19th nov 2011 10.00pm 1 flying from west to east of Auckland City, bright orange light, I was thinking what is it? and was waiting to sight the aero plane lights that flick on and off but there was nothing only bright orange light moving across the sky. I was trying to get my husband to come and have a look but wouldn't. Then at 10.45pm he was out side and freaked out and said quick come and

  5. Ayer en tierra Blanca Veracruz vimos la misma luz color naranja en el cielo pero eran como 8 luces, En mi vida habia visto algo asi, Me llamo mucho la atencion. Y por los comentarios expresados aqui veo q ese color d "luz" esta recorriendo parte de nuestro territorio… q pasara?

  6. I am from New Zealand, in 2005 i could never explain it, i was on the balcony when i called my brother outside too look at the sky in the far horizon i could see 2 or 3 oval orange lights in the sky, unordinary not like any cloud that day, it was strange, it was the came color as the sky, that dusk orange evening and strange orange objects floating. This is the first video i have seen that i can

  7. I sense a strain of cynicism running through all the posts where Big Adolt (sic) appears! He has no plausible answer for anything , yet tries to convince us all that he knows what, where , when, and why? My question to you Big A******, is, why on earth do you bother to comment, when there is absolutely no substance to your arguments? You are just shouting slogans that mean nothing. My advice to

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