Strange craft seen recorded over San Diego, California 19-Feb-2012

UFO videos – This strange unidentified flying object (probably some secret man-made craft?) was filmed in the night sky above San Diego in California on 19th February 2012.

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  1. Wow.I've been waiting for more sightings like i've heard will happen.This video was quite remarkable.I expect its the good ones.We are not alone 🙂

  2. intresting-it makes sense ufos trying to look like our aircraft, i mean they havent exactly came down and told everyone they wer here yet-matt_bpd

  3. I have actally seen this twice,i live in northern ireland,once i seen this from my back yard with my son,the second time i seen it i was driving uo the motorway,and was glad i had a someone in the car,cause i though i was going nuts both sittings were within 2 wks of each was not a plane to me either,the way it flew and it hoovered

  4. Its an airplane idiots! And as for the plane going too fast remember they can go up to 500 miles an hour for commercial airlines and obviously the fighters from the military can get up to mach 1 or more! Don't try to impress the kids just stick to the facts they will respect you a whole lot more.

    • the ufo wave of 2011 has finished. it will probably be recognised as one of the best in recent years due to the large number of good reports, vids and pics. sadly the sudden drop in sightings and vids has left people literally scraping the bottom of the barrel posting obviously helicopters and planes. the quality of the ufo vids of the last month speaks volumes to me…the ufo flap is over….for

  5. First, this is a real video by honest folk you can tell from there voices, they are excited for real.actors dont act like this . wish id seen IT. and it must have been very close cos it looks like a normal lense and they usualy dont work very well on anything like a star or satalite. and im realy sorry for any debonkers who might think otherwise you are going to find it harder and harder to

    • Absolutely! It looked to me at times like one of the "pyramid crafts" in the way the lights are (have seen these). Not only are they appearing in our skies but our homes as well. I recently posted two videos on You Tube (check VorlonGod channel), "Orbs And Manifestations" as well as the amazing "McCall Manifestations" where I actually have video of a Zeta (Roswell

  6. Quote "some kind of human craft…spaceships dont require blinking lights" are you trying to say that ET's are coming here without lights on their craft with a complete disregard of FAA regulations?!..that's outrageous, how very dare they!

  7. I&#39;ve seen many since my first sighting on the 4th of July2011 <br />and have many witnesses to prove it at times when I had a camera on hand the batteries were dead when they were new <br />batteries,I&#39;am talking about these things are all around and had many encounters with different friends and family,right around my flipping house.I even have techniques of what to look for.@ one time 6

  8. this looks just like a normal plane with blinking tail light.. and lights on each wing plus one in the front.. it is a Unidentified Flying Normal plane..

  9. I live in Beaumont, ca and have seen the same craft 3 nights in a row. Everytime I go outside its in a different area.

  10. I just saw this yesterday night in Escalon,CA looked like a huge airplane with bright afterburners .. turns out its lights that are the brightest I&#39;ve ever seen in my life , we actually drove under the craft , and I was unable to make out any details relating to an airplane ! We witnessed it fly across the sky at such a speed that it had to have some kind of new age propulsion device ! there

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