UFOs spotted in Dublin, Georgia 27-Jan-2012

Unidentified flying objects. Each year thousands of Americans and hundreds of Georgians claim to have seen them. The number of sightings has increased as of late in the Middle Georgia area especially around Highway 441 in Dublin.
This is Rodney Crosslin. Earlier this week he and his brother Scott were in his front yard when they say they saw what at first they thought was a plane.
“Three lights appear over here above the tree line over here then they dropped off and appeared three lights over here above the house where the power lines are and then from there they shot back to the right where they went into about two or three different patterns.” -Rodney Crosslin/UFO Witness
continue reading: www.newscentralga.com

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  1. what ther describing is the same type of ufo i witnessed a tri-form 3 individual white lights that can change or alter ther formation and do not move like conventional aircraft-these are my fav and ther seems to be alot of sightnings on these-i been researching some disclosure info and ive herd rumors that et craft actuly pass threw dimensions and ours dimension is one of many layers and they all

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