Blue UFO or orb hovering above Ventura, California 9-Mar-2012

LUFOS – This interesting footage of blie and pink unidentified flying object or orb was recorded in Ventura, California on Friday, 9th March 2012.
Witness report: Part 1 – While driving home from Santa Barbara I saw this blue and pink orb flying around the Ventura County Fairgrounds. I exited the freeway and parked at the C-Street beach to check it out. There was already people gathering around trying to figure out what the strange object was. I spoke to several people and they all said that it was hovering around the beach for quite some time. I pulled out my phone and took this footage of it before the UFO changed directions and headed towards the freeway.

Part 2 – Part 2 of my weird ufo footage. After the ufo left the beach I followed it towards the freeway and parked at the Ventura Amtrak station and proceeded to capture this footage with my phone.

About RC – I was thinking RC too but – 1. I couldn’t hear anything, not even a little buzz – 2. The distance that it covered was so vast I’m not sure that RC’s have that large of range and – 3. The people that I spoke to at the beach said that it was up there for a long time and was still flying after we left? So IDK, it very well could have been something like that, either way it was strange. Thanks for your comment.
Author (suhbounaturals @ youtube)

Part 1

Part 2

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  1. wow im realy starting to see a shocking amount of these bluse ufos getting cought on vid – could they be the 2012 visitors everyones been hearing about????Matt_bpd

  2. I saw the same exact object in the sky, in my town of south san francisco. I have never seen anything like it. I've lived near SFO airport for 24 years now, but I have never seen a flying object like that in my life and im really glad I saw it.

  3.<br /><br />This recent footage of a very bright UFO was captured on a Blackberry Mobile Phone by the witness, (witness still has original footage on his mobile phone) who saw the UFO on Saturday 10th March 2012 around 1945 hours in the area of North Weald, Essex, UK. The UFO changes colour from blue to red and changes direction in a odd manor, the

  4. I saw this thing too from the pier. I&#39;ll upload the video soon. the one i uploaded already has some bad compression due to facebook upload. i&#39;ve never seen anything like it.

  5. We have since been back to the area of North weald where the UFO was filmed to see on the off chance if the object would be spotted again. Unfortuantly we didn&#39;t see anything apart from the stars. Its a very interesting object and very clear footage even thou it was filmed at night. We will visit the area again with the hope of catching the object hopefully again? Even thou that might be

  6. Saw the same one in Ventura, Ca. last night 9-9-12 at 10:00 p.m hovering at the Crown Plaza for around 35 mins. every few minutes it turned a deep red for 20 seconds or so went from flying low to circling w/ random acrobatics have some footage ..only a few of us were on the Boardwalk at that time..a couple standing next to me watched too in amazement..called the newspaper this morning about

  7. Last night Nov. 6th 2013 around 7:45 pm driving back from Santa Barbara near Ventura off the 101, my husband and I saw a bright white large orb with a comet like. bluish tail in the sky heading down towards the ocean. Then it just disappeared. Never seen anything like it. Too bright and big to be a shooting star. Someone else must have seen it….<br />

  8. March 18, 2014 in Ventura County, CA, saw an extremely bright and colorful light that transitioned between green-blue-pink without flashing. It hovered strangely, silently, then moved behind a stand of trees when I lost sight of it. Told a co-worker who just texted me this morning that she and her family witnessed the same thing just last night in Moorpark!

  9. Seen a bright object with 3 flashing lights over east Ventura last night. It had bluish green, red and yellow lights that pulsated in a strange rhythm. It had no sound and changed direction and speed very quickly. it hovered over Saticoy and north Oxnard for 5 minutes before lowering altitude and I lost sight of it. No aircraft that I know of could fly like this craft. It sped across the sky towards Oxnard then would just stop dead in its tracks and flash its lights then fly back towards Ventura/Saticoy and raise in altitude then drop and raise again. I have never seen anything like this before in Ventura. All I can say is it was not a toy or drone. I do not believe in aliens so this had to be some kind of military craft from a nearby air base? I was on Henderson Road near the 126 Freeway at around 9pm-945pm when My whole family seen this object. We tried to photograph it but my wife said she could not seem to capture it on the camera screen? 7-13-14

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