Daytime UFO activity over Wainscott, New York 24-Mar-2012

Latest UFO sightings – This daytime unidentified flying object or orb was hovering above Wainscott in New York on Saturday, 24th March 2012.
Witness report: I was outside with my dog, and I had seen several objects in the night sky which is frequent, I have reported these repeat occurences to MUFON..I saw a white star like object ascend over my tree line in the North West direction, where it then hovered. I was able to get two cameras from inside the house, when I returned moments later, the object was in same place. I have video footage, not that clear in some clips, but quite clear in others. This object was in the sky heading in an south Easterly direction for approx 1 1/4 hours. I called Mufon NY director,[moved name/CMS/der], and we reviewed all possible objects via Stellarium, and could find no such objects that matched. I was able to send him footage, as I was on the phone with him (I think I woke him up I called so early…am sorry [moved name/CMS/der]!) I was able to maintain visual contact with this white star like orb. In that I had no more avail space on my camera memory card, I looked at object right before it disappeared behind treeline on adjacent side of property from where it had originated, and the object appeared to be reflective, and elongated, almost rectangular shaped. I do not have equip to document telescope visual, only my verbal description.
Author (source: mufon)

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  1. Was seeing these orbs on a fairly regular basis over Phoenix. Had four sightings in January, and one in early February. Then followed almost a whole solid month of overcast skies, which most often was diffuse contrails from planes. Have finally started getting some clear skies again, but haven't spotted one of these lately. Have seen them at lower altitudes, where once it's relative size

  2. This is not a hoax…. Me and my girlfriend saw the same thing yesterday around 2 o'clock. We live in Paris Texas too. Also it took off really fast then disappeared.

    • Stardate log 3-25-1701 Capt. James T Kirk reported seeing the same thing along with Mr Spock visible to the eye on earth NE linear along the Texas border with Mexico

  3. Definitely a UFO of some sort, look at how fast it moves position at the 13 second mark on the video, and at the very end of the video it seems to be moving in a small circular pattern. It does move like a mylar balloon in the wind, or any conventional aircraft so I have to conclude its a real UFO. It is certainly NOT Venus. (And frankly I'm surprised the site's censors let that person

  4. The internet is so polluted with all these videos of balloons and Chinese lanterns, its annoying.<br /><br />If it doesnt move, or do anything but drift across the sky slowly, its most likely a balloon or chinese lantern. Why didnt this video go on longer than a minute? Probably because it never did anything else for 20 minutes before it drifted out of sight on the wind.

  5. Or Mr. Anonymous, its a UFO. Because a UFO is an Unidentified Flying Object. Calling it three completely different things does not warrant an I.D., nor does your opinion help to clarify any doubt. People who claim to know everything, know nothing.

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