Most remarkable UFO sightings in February 2012

Most remarkable UFO sightings in February 2012 by

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early February 2012; flying saucer – Aveley in Essex, UK

1st February 2012; fireball – Texas, USA

5th February 2012; UFO – London, UK

8th February 2012; daytime UFOs over power plant – Chelyabinsk Oblast, Russia

11th February 2012; UFO near chemtrails – Tijuana, Mexico

12th February 2012; unidentified flying object – Pass Christian, Mississippi

13th February 2012; UFOs or orbs – Oroville, California

16th February 2012; UFO fleet – Homestead, Florida

24th February 2012; UFO near a plane – Marathon, Florida

25th February 2012; UFO near a plane – Rome, Italy

25th February 2012; UFO fleet – Neath, UK

26th February 2012; fastwalker – Hurst, Texas

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  1. what a load of rubbish, I have yet to see a genuine recording of a ufo. They either cant get a clear picture, and yet with todays technology, and HD, id of thought of fuzziness was a thing of the past. when it is clear, you can tell its been artificially added. Or they can never hold a camera still. A classic sign its fake cause they dont want you to focus and study it. I am not a ufo objector, I

    • im glad to know u are a believer of ufos..but before u come to the conclusion that the videos u are watching are fake simply because the camera is shaking and not in yourself a favor take a camera any camera .go outside look to the stars and zoom in at one star and see if u can hold the camera in foucus and still ..then think about if the object

    • Touché but really, UFO's come out of the blue and you don't know when they show up, and who the hell carries around a tripod? Think it through. Eliminate the improbable leaving you the possible.

  2. I have seen these on other sites, some look legit some are not. I don't believe the one at the Airport in Italy is a UFO.One person saw it? naaaah..

  3. I was in colville washington,out at waits lake and seen a light swaying back and forth over lake but in the sky.something about this light caught my eye and depth perception,it went left then right left and right,i even went as far to say well,it could be a fire fly caught in a spider web being blown in the wind,but there was no wind and ive never seen a fire fly in my life anyways,so i walk 30

    • Dear Kyle,<br />hope my school-english is well enough..i live in Germany in a 60,000 inhabitants &quot;village&quot; :-)<br />Do ya know what lucky guys you and your companion have been? Fantastic! Be happy about this adventure! I know thousands of people here in europe waiting their whole life to see a starship.Its been quite an homage to you. I really envy you a little..<br /> those starpeople

    • Out of just pure interest (since i did have a time of what you guys call &quot;missing memory&quot; where did you get all the information you just posted?

    • Dear anonymous (nice name)<br />Well, i did a lot of research, a lot of thinking, a lot of experience, many talks. Meditation, observing history and newspaper, internet, intuition, many books and literature. The reading between the lines, and the listening and reading to scientists, that had bad experience with governmental control concerning their helping inventions of real progress.Allways

  4. if you believe the ufo is real then the question is,,what are they doing here,,it seems they are observing the cities,observing the way of life of humans,,they do not care that we also see them,,they have mastery of flight to a high degree,,but the military which is suppose to guard the airways either know about them or they cant pick them up on radar,you would think our military would

  5. If U.F.O are real(which i think they are).Why have they not <br />tried to make contact with anybody? People keep seeing U.F.O<br />all around the world, yet no contact.If they are so interes-<br />ted in us,then why don`t they come and asked us.Hey!I have a few question myself.Maybe they could tell us a way to get around without gas and stop pollution.This way,we would`nt<br />have to fight for

    • good question i asked too. They avoid contact, because they are PEACEFULL. They never ever want us to be scared. Why should they be afraid, when being and existing aeons before us? Only mankind is afraid. They dont have any cause to be afraid. Having techniques we only could dream of. They only worry because of our wars and nuclear weapons. And they don&#39;t want to use their very advanced

  6. You can tell if you are seeing a flying saucer, especially if it is within two miles.It helps to have binoculars.I admire the film footage of the real ones.(Oh, to the reply about alien contact:There is an array of foreign visiting life forms.The Pleidians are human looking. Yet, they have been seen working side by side with the &quot;Zeta&#39;s&quot;,which are much smaller.And look like

  7. All my life I have wanted to see a UFO and finally…paydirt.<br /><br />At dusk last evening, not dark but getting dim. We had a lot of dark puffy clouds. I looked up to the sky and saw a round light go from one puff of clouds to another and out the other side then gone.<br /><br />It was going SO fast!!!! It did not give off any light. All the light WAS the orb. No streaks, no sound.

  8. All my life I wanted to see a UFO. Finally, last evening, paydirt!<br /><br />It was near dusk. We had a lot of dark puffy clouds with clear sky in places. I looked up and saw an orb of light.<br />No light coming FROM it…..IT WAS THE LIGHT!<br /><br />It was going so fast I cannot believe how anything could go that fast. And there was NO sound. NONE!<br /><br />It came through a puff of

  9. Sorry, I think I posted twice. Never been here before.<br /><br />I for one am not afraid and am fascinated. For anyone to believe that we are the sum total of all that has gone on before is ridiculous.<br /><br />We are nothing in the great scheme of things and in the universe. There is so much we dont know and have not seen.<br /><br />And the government…..why would anyone believe anything

  10. Contact has been established on several ocasions. But is now terminated. The military does not investigate because they know aliens are real. They do not admit because in reality they have no control over the actions of the aliens. Admitting that will throw a huge part of the population in panic. If you don&#39;t believe me, think of terorism. The population reoinquishes liberties in exchange for

    • Yeah, Donna and anonymous, thats what i exactly feel and know, too! And I wrote it above, too. They are teachers, carefull, and they are much more evolved.<br />They love us. Universe has got so much love. The only ones, who want to provoke a fight are militair, governments and those who feed both – the &quot;enemy&quot; or lets say the real &quot;challenge&quot; is here on earth. Not out there

  11. i heard the man calling the radio station ,he was from area opened my eyes.I think we are in deep crap..but of course the Gov. denies everything…they control us in so many ways..they tell us we live in a free country with freedom of speech..but who listens….

  12. right on to all you… I believe in God, Jesus , and The Holy Spirit,……. I believe that God DID make man the apple of His eye, as the bible says …… As far as mankind being the only form of inteligent life in all the universes out there…….I&#39;m not entirely convinced. Why would an almighty being such as God only create one race of beings . That would just be a waste of love of life

    • I believe we are in a time paradox experiment.<br />The vehicles that approach are just observers.<br />Time travel is possible (only in theory for us mortals but we&#39;re getting ther)<br />For vehicles to arrive here, they would be experimenting and perfecting the use of time as a &quot;fuel&quot;, there is no other way they could get here within 100 milion years (consider the closest possible

  13. I would love to see a UFO. I believe it is foolish to think we are the only life forms in the universe. However, what I am seeing here are primarily weather balloons reflecting sunlight and meteors breaking up while coming at unusual angles or skimming the upper atmosphere. They appear to disappear when they burn up, break, or are no longer at the angle to send light down to the observer. Some

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