Metallic object hovering above Santa Barbara, California – April 2012

Latest UFO sightings – This unidentified flying object was caught in tape in the daytime sky over Santa Barbara in California in April 2012.
Witness report: In the sky above Santa Barbara…I don’t know what this is….but it was way up there and metallic. It sat there in one spot for about an hour. I had to get on my back with a tripod over my face to zoom in. Sorry about the focus issues, I can’t turn the auto focus off on the camera I have. After I filmed it I went in the house for about 20min. When I came out it was gone.
Author (maheekat @ youtube)

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  1. This is the same object I saw yesterday before night fall.It was about a mile up. I live in san diego it was first spotted after a (government) airliner was releasing chem-trails , the object was following right behind the plane and it was seen for about an hour moving against the chem-trail and the wind was blowing the trail eastward and the object was moving westward so it couldn`t be a balloon

    • I noticed an object like this over the Eastern edge of Galveston Bay Easter Sunday 4/08/12 around 4:00pm from Bacliff, Texas. It was stationary and I thought maybe it was just a daytime visible planet. I then viewed it through binoculars for up to 20 more minutes and it appeared round and at an extremely high altitude. To my suprise this object then rapidly moved West over the bay and out of

  2. I am in Fresno, Ca. And at about 5 – 7 minutes before 9:00 pm 4/9/12 my neighbor and I saw what looks exactly like the Santa Barbara video up in the night sky. It was as big and as bright as the planet venios that we can see. It moved from west to east. I know that we couldn't have been the only ones who saw it.

  3. three roommates and I witnessed exact same thing last night, also moving west to east, traveling quickly and very high up. extremely bright, and large- as big as venus appears at its brightest. it traveled the better part of the sky before slightly changing direction in an upwards fashion and got smaller and smaller until out of sight. Must have been between 9 and 10 o'clock pm. We live in

  4. I know we are not alone. Even ancient history talks about "beings from above" and the holy books describe "some type of DNA manipulation". ANY ways I got excited because I saw something like this in SD before dark, ran in got the camera came out and after awhile, it moved west to east very quickly, then it glowed red and i could see it was a bunch of ballons and later before

  5. I saw one in Santa Barbara at about 10:30pm in the night sky moving Northwest. It looked like a triangle with 3 lights in each corner. It was absolutely silent and moved in a slightly curved line. This was literally right over the downtown area. I googled a news search for "UFO Triangle Santa Barbara" and got to this page. Freaky…

  6. At about 5:45 tonight, my roommate saw a metallic object zoom in from the northwest and come to a standstill. It stayed in exactly the same place for 4 hours. About an hour later, another appeared and has been in the exact same spot ever since. It's now 9:35pm and it seems the first one we saw is gone now. We looked at them through binoculars and they appeared to be more of an oval shape that

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