2 UFOs flying above Stouffville in Ontario, Canada 20-May-2012

UFO videos – This footage of two unknown bright objects flying across the sky above Stouffville in Ontario, Canada was recorded on Sunday, 20th May 2012.
Witness report: On May 20 2012 around 8:35pm five of us walked out of my house in Stouffville, Ontario, Canada (just NE of Toronto) It was around sunset – don’t remember seeing the sun setting & think it was already below the horizon. The temperature was comfortable – probably at least 20 degrees Celsius. No wind. The West sky had a red-orange glow to it. The 5 of is witnessed what we feel was a UFO sighting. Two brilliant red round objects emerged from the North, flew towards us in unison, and then changed direction to the west. I first thought the sun was reflecting off the wings of an airplane, but did not see an airplane shape nor did I hear any airplane sounds. I started a process of elimination & felt strongly it was not an airplane, a helicopter, a comet, or a balloon. The five of us were trying to figure what this was, but only figured out what it was not. My wife wanted her glasses so she could get a clearer view so I RAN back inside the house, couldn’t find her glasses and came out with a digital camera instead. I started filming at 8:36pm, but at that time there was a small penny sized white circle getting fainter – just like someone started to dim its light, and it disappeared. Two minutes later the 2 bright red lights appeared again in same place that I saw the 1st set of two – in the North. I was thinking that what I saw did an elliptical type track – from the north, headed south, turned towards the west, and then circled around to its original position. I also thought that as an alternative this 2nd set may be a completely new set of lights (and not the 1st). I started filming it at 8:38pm. The 2 objects appeared to take the same path as the 1st set of objects. I only saw bright red as the dominant colour. Did not really notice the green until a replay of the video, and the white only when it started to fade in the west. I wasn’t sure if the objects were fading because they were getting further away or the lights were dimming.

After the sighting we carried on walking, looking around and hoping to see more of what we saw. There were two other people in our neighbourhood who I asked if they saw that stuff in the sky. The acknowledged that they did & we spoke about ufo stories.
In total, 6 adults & an 11 year old witnessed this event.
The attached video, by the way, is in its original form except that I removed and smoothed out the background noise with software in order to make it sharper. Otherwise the video and the audio is unaltered.
Author (source: mufon)

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  1. This is a very good video with a very credible witness. It looks as if there's a 3rd object around 51 sec. Is it Venus or another UFO? It seems that these UFOs are coming earlier in the evening, at sunset, to get our attention. I just returned from a train trip where I had a UFO sighting in Cleveland Ohio around 3:00 AM. They're doing everything to make themselves known but our foolish

  2. two probe crafts maybe countless people do see them daily seems to be more & more sightings cause more people are looking skywards now its become the in thing to do something in the wind wheres canadian airforce the miltary dont seem to be bothering same throughout earth .time will tell liked video.

  3. Chinese lanterns look just like this. You can keep them together with a string between them. 99% of slow moving lights in the sky videos on the internet are of Chinese lanterns.

    • What kind of distance do Chinese Lanterns travel?? We too saw the lights that night, but not in the same formation as the two in this video.

    • I witnessed two bright lights in the sky that very same evening (May 20, 2012), except I was near Puslinch camping, many km/miles west of from Stouffville. They were again witnessed by others in Hamilton, southwest of my position at that time.<br /><br />I know what a chinese lantern is, but these UFO lights could not possibly be that, given their size, altitude, range and variable speed.

  4. We saw these lights as well, just outside of Buckhorn, on Little Bald Lake, it was around 10:30pm, and we also have video footage, they were not as close, one after the other, and the footage we have is of the second. There were 8 adults and one child who saw the lights. The first was an orange color, and the second started orange, then changing to red. Not going to lie, we went through the list

    • Me and my brother were walking home that night and saw at first an object that looked alot like that but was flashing but not like an airplane and it was way too far in the sky to be one. It automatically caught both our attentions and then vanished I saw a plane a couple minutes later thought that was it and kept walking home ten to fifteen minutes later im across the street to my house we

  5. I thought my girlfriend and I were the only ones that saw these synchronized dancing of lights that were higher than any plane would fly let alone a chinese lantern??? pfft.<br /><br />I kept searching for an article or anything that stated that we were not the only witness. It was in Toronto on Victoria Day.<br /><br />This was the real deal and we were absolutely stunned at what we were

  6. Great summary — so close to home, too! I live in Newmarket, work a night shift at Wonderland, come home in the wee hours, and walk my dogs for 2 hours before 5 a.m. I&#39;ve started bringing a digital camera with me, because I see things in the sky I can&#39;t explain. Good capture, I appreciate the thorough write up.

  7. That same night I saw something odd in Toronto, not too far from Stouffville really! It was one orb/light, very reddish-orange. It came into sight as it passed behind some trees and apartments. Both myself and boyfriend saw it, he outside on the balcony and myself inside looking out the window. The object moved at a constant and steady speed south/south east, towards Lake Ontario. No sound, no

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