Daytime UFO activity caught on tape in Chicago, Illinois 11-May-2012

 UFO sightings – Daytime video of strange activity in the sky above Chicago in Illinois on Friday, 11th May 2012.
Witness report: I caught this weird looking ghost white UFO today May 11, 2012 at 3.40PM over Chicago IL. I am West of this blob of energy looking East toward the Downtown sky. Sorry bout all the shake when I zoom in, ive to learn to not zoom in so much next time. I tried to stablize the video the best I could. It was very bright out this thing was pretty high up so it was hard to capture it smooth esp thru a 3 inch LCD screen. 3 mins of video and 3 mins of enhanced still photos from the video.
Author (guttergawker @ youtube)

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  1. its like an angelic type ghostly figure hovering over chicago be hard to film with its movements strange entity though .

  2. I'm pretty sure you got a glimpse of Casper.Or either that or a REAL weather balloon. Huh, rarely see those.

  3. this looks like some angelic being hovering over chicago skies very bizarre but interesting footage well done to camera man .

  4. A pity you have not shown any reference points, it makes it impossible to tell if real or not. Good video if it is real.

  5. strange although i believe i seen a pair of objects made of light forms hovering erratically no higher than my rooftop seemed as though it was studying or observing us i yelled in fear and these things or beings shiftshaped to birds and took off the birds didn't even flap wings.

  6. I know the guy who shot this. He has physical ailments hence all the shake and said he was scared shitless when the the jellyfish thing flew over and was unable to hold it still to well. Check out the comments on his video, a group of people said they saw the same thing drop out of the clouds.

  7. It's a weather balloon or other similar balloon they use for acquiring meteorologic or atmospheric information or data.

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