Strange object over Captiva Island, Florida 31-May-2012

Latest UFO sightings – This unidentified flying object was hovering in the sky above Captiva Island, Florida on Thursday, 31 May 2012.

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  1. Obviously swamp gas ignited by ball lighting while the video camera suffered from Mass Hallutionations. Besides they don't exist….or do they?

  2. Once again, dogs barking in the background. It is amazing how many UFO clips feature animals reacting, I wonder exactly what they are reacting to?

  3. it looks like a helicopter searching the area & it also resembles a smaller version of the uss starship enterprise .

  4. I do believe animals, react to the high frequencies, and vibrations, which they can hear, and the human ear cannot hear, did anyone ever think that these ships, fly with energy waves, frequencies, and magnetic photon fields…if u research on the web, you will find info, in reference to the magnetic fields, …perhaps they are light and enrgy beings.good thinking thoughts….

  5. i saw the same light just bit differnt flying key west florida <br />real low to bushes it turned and started flying towards me the disappered in mid air july 6 2012

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