Unidentified flying objects filmed over Highland, Utah 19-Jun-2012

ABC4 TV news about a strange UFO phenomenon in the night sky above Highland in Utah on Tuesday, 19th June 2012.

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  1. These lights we are seeing everywhere and dropping flares are doing more than that. I believe they are from this earth and are interdimensional beings TRYING TO CHANGE THE ATOMSPHERE ON THIS PLANET. In exchange for cooperation with the government And the government knows it and is blaming all the weather changes on global warming perfect cover up!

  2. wow these are def intresting – they look legit to me – what i wana know is what are they dropping could it be probes,et beings,wepons,vehicals,chemicals<br /><br />good vid

  3. This video is from January 2011:<br />&quot;UFOs in Utah Jan 26, 2011&quot;<br />I uploaded it on Feb 4, 2011.<br />The same orbs then appeared again in Utah on February 14, 2011:<br />&quot;Real UFO in Utah Feb 14, 2011&quot;<br />Which I uploaded on Feb 26, 2011.<br />Totally real but you guys should do a little research before uploading your videos.

  4. I see triangle shaped craft here again. Notice that those three visible dots can be almost anywhere, depending in which position it is. It can be tilted also. I think if they were hot air balloons how everyone of them can manage hold positions that good? And why they would be flaring downwards anyway? I think i heard these news guys said that it&#39;s not a flare coming down…

  5. News report was filmed in the winter time notice that there are no leaves on the trees and snow on the ground. Now how can it be in June.

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