UFO sighting over Tuckahoe State Park, Maryland 29-Jun-2012

This UFO video was recorded in the sky above State Park in Maryland. It was recorded on 29th June 2012 around 11 pm. According to the author of the video, this silent bright orange object take off and go into space as three black army helicopters watched and then circled the area for over 4 hours that night.

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  1. I saw something very similar to this at lake striker near reklaw Texas. I came up from the trees then at a right arch up and through the clouds. This was 4th of July 2012

  2. Pretty wild. I know that Aberdeen Proving Ground is near the park and they test a lot of new toys there. Did the helicopter(s) have markings? If they were U.S. Army chances are it was ours.

  3. There is also a second witness with video of this same object/event. On you tube: youtube.com/watch?v=pd8j-tytvz4&amp;list=FLjFP2zOYPAPhBS5pO8ZNRXg&amp;index=2&amp;feature=plpp_video<br />Notice the dogs going crazy in the background of the second video. This guy was no where near the first witness when he made this video or you would hear the dogs on both.Therefore the photographers are

    • I saw the same UFO (or another just like it) about the same time on the same day. I was at least 30 miles away from whom you refer to as video 2. We had just had a horrible storm that knocked out all of the power in the region. I opened my front door and saw a large bright orb desending from mid sky. It was close enough for me to see the layers /circles of colors. Yellow, gold, orange with a glow

  4. wow this is less then a half hr drive from me – i havent been on this site in a few days cuz i been in the work truck – over the past week or so i seen a few energy orbs phase in and out briefly over baltimore city – i tryed to point them out to my coworker who is not a non beliver or close minded but an average citizen so to say but they kept phasing out b4 i could show him – and i was

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