Daytime UFO recorded over Lone Tree, Colorado 13-Sep-2012

UFO videos 2012 – This daytime UFO video was filmed in Lone Tree, Colorado on Thursday, 13th September 2012.

Witness report: While in my backyard in Lone Tree, Colorado at 6:30 PM MDT on September 13, 2012, I heard a Cessna aircraft gaining altitude after taking off from Centennial Airport flying in a Southwest direction roughly 170 degrees at about 7,000 feet. As I looked up at the aircraft I noticed a bright white light above the aircraft. I continued to watch the bright light in the sky and I then briefly took my eyes off the bright light and looked at the Cessna, I then refocused my eyes on the bright light. The sky was absolutely clear with no clouds or wind. It was still very light outside with at least an hour and half before dark. I initially thought I was looking at my first UFO. I then thought it was a star but it was too bright to be a star because the sky was not dark. I scanned the sky to see if I could see other stars in the sky but saw none. I yelled to my wife to bring me the binoculars so I could get a closer look at the object. Looking through the binoculars the object looked solid or either reflecting the sunlight or emitting a very bright white light. I then yelled for my wife to being the video camera so I could record what I was seeing. Once I get the camera I recorded the object for about a minute. I then noticed a commercial aircraft flying over so I got the binoculars to get a closer look. The commercial aircraft was at least 30 40k feet because it had a vapor trail. The object appeared to be twice as high as the commercial aircraft….I estimate the object to be about 60,000 feet. I watched to object for over a half hour and all of a sudden it vanished. The object never moved or changed colors during the entire time I was watching it. I do not know what I saw but I do not believe it was a star. The object in the video I took appears to be moving but it was stationary. I was not able to hold the camera steady as the object was very far away and I did not have my tripod. 
Author (source: mufon)

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  1. If it was as high as your estimate it had to be huge. Didn't either aircraft report seeing the same object? You should contact the airport and ask some questions. It had to have been on radar or reports made from the other piolts. Congrats on your first UFO. Mine was in 1976 and have't lost interest in 36 years. Keep your eyes to he sky. Good luck.

  2. Awesome catch. I notice u have quite a zoom on your camera…if you get a chance, please post the type of equipment you were using…keep up the good work.

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