New video of UFOs flying above Gilroy, California 5-Sep-2012

These unknown lights were flying across the sky above Gilroy, the southernmost city in Santa Clara County, California on Wednesday, 5th September 2012.

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  1. test flight craft from groomlake i counted 7 good camera work where are military police no one cares there part & parcel of daily living now catching lights in the skies & triangle crafts ufo.s on camcorders countless sightings governments are powerless over there intrusion of our airspace super advanced technology 1k ahead of ours .

  2. Looks exactly like what we saw over Louisville, KY, the evening before Memorial Day of this year..2012. Same time of day also. The ones we saw appeared to be sort of sparkling or flashing. Saw about 12-14 of them, appeared from the horizon 1 or 2 at a time. I wonder what they are???

  3. god bless, the people with video cams, I cant afford one….and it means so much for me to see these beautiful pics…again we have more of the Galatic family of light…showing themselves to us,…..thanks Allanah

  4. lanterns? in gilroy? i have lived here for almost 10 years and have never seen any lanterns. too bad i wasnt around to see this. i dont know if any of you remember the square UFO over dinosaur point some time back? well gilroy isnt too far from where that too place.

  5. Dogs can hear them.. When the fly over here? Dogs bark like crazy if they get low. 2 times? Seemingly all the dogs in the woods were screaming and howling.. like they were all fighting each other at once.. Coyotes.. People came outside with flashlights looking around.. With their tech? I mean.. Imagine them having close to our breeding rates and time to master such tech. What would be the best

  6. Yes, Chinese Lanterns being launched from the base of the mountain as seen on the video. A person is launching them one by one. Right, Myron? 😉

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