UFO Hovers in Harrisburg, Illinois

A glowing UFO was spotted and caught on video hovering over the dark skies of Harrisburg, Illinois on September 11, 2012.

The people who witnessed and caught the unidentified flying object on tape were temporarily speechless for a few seconds. They were surprised to see the glowing UFO. On the video, which has the usual jittery effect, it is understandable why witnesses reacted that way.

It was a saucer-shaped UFO with apparent ridge running around its hull. It hovered for a few minutes before it disappeared completely.

The UFO could be the result of city lights but that was almost impossible to produce such unique shape. If the UFO was only an airplane or anything that normally fly in the sky, the people who saw that thing would not supposed to mind it. So, it is really a unique thing in the sky that time.

This particular UFO sighting is notable because of its unique shape and also because of the reaction of witnesses.

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  1. I noticed that the distance from the horizon to the object got wider as the camera kept rolling…which means, the object is moving…possibly towards the camera man at a constant rate…to fast to be a star. Seems to move like an airplane…low on the horizon (but high in the sky–with respect to "perspective" and far off distance…it's almost 90 degrees to the horizon at the

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