UFOs in Formation While Hovering in the Sky of British Columbia, Canada – September 2012

UFO news – An activity happened on September 2, 2012 over Campbell River, British Columbia involving an apparent UFO was reported by UFO Sightings Daily on September 7, 2012.

UFO Sightings Daily is connected to Scott C. Waring, an author and UFO researcher who is known for his independent research on unusual phenomena in space and on different planets such as Mars. He is also affiliated with the U.S. Air Force at SAC base. He recently runs a school in Taiwan.

Scott Waring documented an eyewitness claim that was reported in British Columbia via CTV affiliate. Waring mentioned that unusual red-colored lights that were hovering over Campbell River frightened one woman.

According to CTV, Lindsay Shann arrived home from a camping trip on Sunday night. As she unloaded things from her car, she noticed a UFO in the sky.

Shann said that the UFO was completely bizarre. She managed to get a camera and record the UFO sighting. She saw five glowing UFOs in the sky but vanished within seconds.

The witness looked for explanation of the unusual phenomenon from the Canadian military. She said that the captain told her there was nothing supposed to be flying. He got her information and told her that he will contact her if he needs more information.

Lindsay does not believe in aliens and is not also a fan of science fictions. However, she believes there is an explanation to such phenomenon.

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  1. more evidence of ufos controlling our skies appear & vanish conventional craft dont do that miltary craft dont either thanks lindsay shann u.ll become a believer in time.

    • Military attitude appears to have slightly improved over last decade or so..<br />When I contacted CFB Comox back in 2001 regarding a &quot;Black Triangle&quot; sighting (if TRB..it was very large, witnessed by many, travelled a remote stretch in BC interior (rockie mnts) I was referred to &quot;Captain Mulder&quot; who could barely contain his giggling. (the event was not aircraft from either

  2. Let&#39;s see &quot;fans of science fiction&quot; are automatically discounted because they&#39;re &quot;fans of sci-fi&quot; I&#39;m a sci fi fan and my favorite subject in school was science. Those &quot;Flash Gordon&quot; serials and The Day The Earth Stood Still influenced me to take more of an interest in science in school. I also got interested in the photos I saw in Argosy and I also read

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