Most remarkable UFO sightings in September 2012

Most remarkable UFO sightings in September 2012 by

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early September 2012; bright object – Paris, France

September 2012; UFO near NASA’s Curiosity – Mars

4th September 2012; daytime UFO – Fresno, California

5th September 2012; multiple UFOs – Gilroy, California

7th September 2012; bright UFO – Johannesburg, South Africa

9th September 2012; unknown lights – Fullerton, California

9th September 2012; huge unknown object – Lehigh Acres, Florida

10th September 2012; daytime UFO – Shikoku island, Japan

13th September 2012; unknown lights – Myrtle beach, South Carolina

15th September 2012; triangle formation – Crawley, England

18th September 2012; bright objects – Phoenix, Arizona

18th September 2012; bright UFO – Priozersk, Kazakhstan

19th September 2012; fast UFO – Dublin, Ireland

21st September 2012; UFOs in formation – Daraa, Syria

24th September 2012; bright daytime UFO – Atlanta, Georgia

26th September 2012; UFO activity – Bucharest, Romania

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  1. most seem to be genune ufo's but this does not mean they are other worldly crafts,when you know you know and theses many images do not cut it.but many thanks for all ur conmitment to the corsebest regards luke gloucester ,report#53 keep searching the answers out there if you do or dont want it!!!!!

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