C2C: UFO Sightings & Shadow People 23-Nov-2012

An Evening of Open Lines at Coast to Coast AM
Host: Ian Punnett
23rd November 2012.

Filling in for George, Ian Punnett hosted a night of Open Lines which featured callers sharing tales of UFO sightings, shadow people encounters, and a myriad of other paranormal topics. “I am a mutant,” declared Barry in Florida, who revealed that he possesses a supernatural power akin to the characters in the X-Men films. According to Barry, he has the ability to control the way he falls, explaining that he can jump off of his roof and, right before reaching the ground, slowly land smoothly and safely by briefly levitating himself. Claiming to have discovered this power at the age of seven, Barry asserted that there are other mutants throughout the world and that “the X-Men thing is very, very much real.”

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  1. Aliens need to be accepted in our society.As Lotar from Venus once said,&quot;Dude,what the hell?You bleeding heart Liberals have accepted every other freak life-form, now lighten up and give us a chance!&quot;<br /> These are the true homeless people…just on the Galactic level.

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