Daytime UFO video filmed over Baltimore, Maryland 21-Nov-2012

UFO videos – This interesting footage of bright object hovering in the daytime sky above Baltimore, MD was recorded on Wednesday, 21st November 2012.
Witness report: Filmed on a Sony HD Cybershot in bright daylight. I was unable to use the on screen monitor so much of view is out of frame. Movement was almost due south at approx 20mph. Video is just short clip of almost 16 minutes of view time. Lighting was definitely reflection from Sun, There were very wispy clouds at about 20,000 feet and object was at about this height, dropping in and out of view as obscured from clouds.
Author (60sList @ youtube)

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  1. It´s a pity, the camera is not quiet, so for that reason it´s hard to see very well this sighting, although there are some moments that it´s possible to have a nice view of the ufo. Thanks.

  2. From the window of my apartment building ,facing due west,I saw an object in the sky that I think was reflecting the Suns light on the day after Thanksgiving day 2012 about 2 to 3pm. No clouds in the sky .A high altitude jet-plane that was releasing a con trail attracted my attention when I notice this bright object hovering stationary as the jet approached it. It took off in a blur towards

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