UFO photographed from International Space Station?

This photo was recently taken by an astronaut on the ISS.  You can also find the image on this site ftp://eol.jsc.nasa.gov/. This is a real UFO and the photo is from a government website which is amazing! What is this mysterious object?

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  1. now governments cant say they dont exist, brilliant pics, its wake up time for everyone, feel the energies changing in the universe, as they are filtering into humanity, for the better of all…..what a fantistic time to be alive to connect and feel, what life is really about, and WHO U REALLY ARE…..

  2. Por que as fotos de ufos não são claras? Elas são sempre desfocadas, com condições de visualização prejudicadas. etc.<br />Para mim, tudo isto é falso, com raríssimas exceções. Não acompanho filmes de luzes à noite porque são facilmente falsificados…..

  3. yes there are many objects or ships/flying mechines out in space.the photo from space station prooved that ufo exist.if human is real than living creautures from other planet are also real.we all exist.<br />

  4. OF COURSE UFOs exist, by definition ANY object in the sky or space that you dont know what it is, is an Unidentified Flying Object…hence UFO

  5. was this photographed by scott kelly so if it is .it is a very REAL capture of a craft that he took while up there just recently.. so yes this is very REAL..and there is TOO MANY DUMB COMMENTS ON THIS ABOVE it goes to prove that most people are completely stupid ..too much crap in your food and water so stop eating and drinking lol…fools..

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