UFO Sighting over Grand Blanc, MI

A couple from Grand Blanc, Michigan reported that they sighted a UFO with several lights above nearby apartment complex around 45 minutes past 10 PM on the 25th of November 2012, according to witness reporting database of Mutual UFO Network.

They first noticed the object while their car was running. The reporting witnessed said this object was triangular in shape with at least 3 red lights and approximately 6-8 white lights.

When trees made the UFO out of their sight, they attempted to look for the object once more. The witness said that it flew fast back south and before it completely out of their sight. No photos or videos about the report which was filed on the date mentioned above.

Grand Blanc has 8, 276 population. The place is a city in Genesee County and a suburb of Flint. The distance between Flint and Grand Blanc is around 8 miles. Michigan has UFO ALERT 3 rating, with many sightings nationally. Michigan was placed second in the nation in terms of the number of reported UFO sightings with 37 reports in October 2012 while California was on top which had 69 reports.

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  1. I'm not commenting on this video, but a well respected scientist admitted to being part of a group that was charged with the UFO problem. He stated it was there belief that 'they' are not coming here from a home base but raterh they have spread out across the universe and are colonizing various planets, etc, and that they are simply coming here from the nearest base they have

  2. This is an American made TR-3B(Astra). The 'black triangle' is being spotted everywhere including Mi. I saw one in N.C. …Google: TR-3B!!

  3. This past Fall, I saw a shooting star one evening, while driving down Lippincott Rd., going West to cross M-15. It shot from upper right view to lower right view, as seen in my windshield. Next week, I read an article that a couple in Ortonville, MI saw same thing while going home, and when they reached home a UFO had followed them and was over their home (several witnesses at the home saw this).

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