Poll #41: Do you think there was a life on Mars in the past?

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Do you think there was a life on Mars in the past?

Start Date: Saturday, December 1, 2012
End Date: Monday, December 31, 2012

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Poll #40: What causes UFO reports?

Alien ships: 68%
Government projects: 41%
Misperceptions of ordinary objects: 32%
Interdimensional or time travelers: 40%
Undiscovered natural phenomena: 27%
Non-human intelligence native to Earth: 36%

Start Date: Thursday, November 1, 2012
End Date: Friday, November 30, 2012
Total voters: 859

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  1. as a hindu munk for 40 +years read and study the vedas.sanskirt very old hindu books,as you may know we know there are or has been life on other planets in our universe and this solar system ,and yes mars.sorry for my bad english.!

  2. Life on Mars in the past ? My gut tells me yes. One scenario I believe to be a probability is that Mars had advanced civilization on it before earth, they visited earth and influenced our ancient civilizations. Mars environment was in dire straights, some of their people perished some were able to colonize earth. We will never know for certain until someone can afford to fund a privately owned

  3. Yes, most definitely! There is probably intelligent life throughout our galaxy and solar system. Being ex-military retired, let's just say, "I know what I saw!"

  4. Getting away from this subject for a moment: The Bakersfield lights of Dec 11th and the San Francisco lights of the 8th are a match. If you copy one or the other, then lay it over the opposite set of lights; they match. You will have to rotate them about 180 degrees, but they are a match…thus, the same siting, but in different places on different days.<br /><br />Ed McKnight<br />Melba, ID

  5. For the object viewed from the airplane window (video) in the close up views, frame-by-frame reveals faces, both human and alien. This is either a good illustration by someone or really unexplainable. The faces keep changing throughout the video.

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