Most remarkable UFO sightings in November 2012

Most remarkable UFO sightings in November 2012 by

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early November 2012; bright UFO – Pertshire, Scotland

November 2012; daytime UFO – Denver, Colorado

November 2012; flying saucer – Forth Worth, Texas

1st November 2012; UFOs after hurricane Sandy – New Jersey

2nd November 2012; unknown lights – Phoenix, Arizona

5th November 2012; bright UFO – Sudbury, Canada

7th November 2012; bright unknown object – Pensecola, Florida

15th November 2012; cigar-shaped UFO Рvolcano Popocat̩petl, Mexico

16th November 2012; bright craft – Israel

17th November 2012; daytime UFO – San Antonio, Texas

24th November 2012; UFO or orb – Argentina

26th November 2012; triangle formation – Princetone, Indiana

28th November 2012; triangle formation – Oregon

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  1. Everyone is a wonderful video love the one from Israel didn't take a picture but saw one almost like that it was multi colored then went a solid red in Fresno, Cal a two years ago.

  2. google "Orlando International Airport" 10 JUNE 2011 if you haven't seen this one.It is over a year old,but it is very good.Comes from right to left & blows a ring through a cloud.

  3. Why are the UFO's appearing predominantly in the U.S. unless the U.S. is itself developing these crafts which may be drones of various types being tested. Almost everyday there are several being reported in the U.S. but not other countries! this doesn't mean that UFO's are unreal. It only means the U.S. is using reverse technology such as anti-gravity, zero energy modules acquired

    • How can you be so sure about that? How can you be sure about the government uses alien technology to test new planes, drones etc.? I understand, but I don't think EVERY sighting is from the U.S government. Something is behind it..

    • America has a greater number of citizens that have time and money to film these things/photoshop them. Similar to why Europe has the greatest number of crop circles.

  4. If we had anti-gravity and stuff..why use solid fuel to send up our rockets/shuttles/probes, etc? No. Clearly, the aliens come to the US because rednecks will say, "Hold my beer and watch this." While other countries are all on about, "Take me to your leader." "What's the meaning of life/cure for cancer/secret to time travel?" Aliens..really like beer as it turns

    • Aliens do not trust govie individuals, let alone will not divulge any of their technology to humans because to this day humans have not learned how to live in peace and how to use their resources properly.<br /><br />They are also not appearing only in USA, they are appearing everyplace around the world. I have seen their armada&#39;s now two times, and believe me, we are no match to their

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