Triangle UFO recorded over Nevada 7-Dec-2012

Nevada UFOLatest UFO sightings – This interesting footage of a triangle-shaped craft flying across the night sky above Nevada was recorded on Friday, 7th December 2012.
What do you think this object is? Please leave your comment below!

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  1. Triangle craft. Could be alien. Could be Military.The military is experimenting with all kinds of secret craft.Could be a new unmanned Drone.<br /><br />

  2. I think it looks like three planes flying in formation. Could be one aircraft of some type, can&#39;t tell. <br />I did see a the winged aircraft that flew over ariz, in 1997. Was at a drive in movie when it flew over, was cloudy but, you could see the lights. Wasn&#39;t ten minutes later that two A10&#39;s flew off and banked west and then a [i think a 125 or maybe 123] cargo followed and

  3. My family and friends saw something like this except it was spinning and moving all over the sky. Then took off straight up a disappeared in a flash. It was on the Fourth of July in 2000 right before my son joined the navy.

  4. I reported the exact same object in Virginia in October. I have never seen nor reported anything before. Since seeing it during the day at a VT football game, I have been going on line looking for similar sightings. This is what I saw.

  5. Its not the military! I seen this with my own eyes.. I came out of the atmosphere like a falling star. Came to a complete stop, hovered over the town and was gone with the blink of an eye… U people need to have a REAL experience before U will Ever even begin to fathem that we as human-beings R the minority! I have had 3 experiences..I know in my heart we R not alone!!

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