VIDEO: Bright flying saucer hovering over Los Angeles, California 5-Dec-2012

flying saucerUFO videos – New interesting footage of some kind of a disc-shaped unidentified flying object hovering above Long Beach in Los Angeles, California. This was taken on 5th December 2012.

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  1. seen too many on ufo sightings def an alien craft wake up world stop being in denial been here since time began just more visiting our small planet cause of our self destruct button for oil gold diamonds wood greed our planets dying thats why there here weighing up options wars all over our world never ends always be wars cruelty mans inhumanity too man hate violence drugs im not a

    • so sparky…in your opinion…is satan an alien, immortal spirit, a fallen angel, made up by man's imagination to explain man's ignorance, or all the above? just wondering, if not christian, what is your religious affirmation… and why state that satan is controlling our world..especially if your not a believer ?…please don't be offended…just want to share points of view and

  2. I'm sorry, but if you actually video tape something like this, wouldn't you tape more than 44 seconds? Especially if you thought it was actually a craft of some sort.

  3. Looks like lights on top of a building, but good english. I bet this douche voted for nobama. thanks for helping destroy what is left of our free country u no-talent asshat

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