UFO flying over Australia 22-Jan-2013 +UPDATE

unidentified flying objectUFO sightings – This footage of an unidentified flying object flying at low speed was recorded somewhere over Australia on Tuesday, 22nd January 2013.


A video of UFO made a big news to several UFO watchers because of its clarity. It was posted by YouTube user LostTreasureComAu and titled “UFO Hunting – AUSTRALIA – Sunset UFO Flying Across Sky.” Based on the angle of the video, it seems that it was taken on the backyard. According to the witness, the UFO seems to be moving up and down. He says that the strange object could not have been a man-made aircraft.
The witness tried to zoom in as close as possible. On the video, anyone can notice an imperfect round shape. The object has corners and edges, creating a pale hexagon in the early evening sky. The video ends on the disappearance of this orb in the sky.
The YouTube video gets mixed comments. Some think the object is a real UFO, and others believe it is a satellite. Watch the video closely and see it for yourself.
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  1. Yes…. Perfect time of day to see satellites….. Dusk and dawn, just when the sun is behind the horizon still allowing for a dark sky…

  2. Australia's a big place. Where were you? What time was it? What direction was it travelling? How many more beers did you have after that? Doesn't look like a satellite to me. Too bloody big.

  3. satellites fly very far out of earth's atmosphere. to see a satellite, you have to be looking straight up, usually but not always with binocs, and they are just pinpoints of light. this light here is in the atmosphere, most likely, and quite low.

  4. Good catch, non of ours(that we know of), can complete the maneuvers seen here. If only it would have been closer eh? But still, another nice one!

  5. By the way, I'd suggest to a couple of the previous commenters that they should watch the WHOLE video before seeing satellites.

  6. Watched the whole video. It doesn't stop, just appears to when he zooms in. Nothing in its behaviour suggests it is anything other than a plane or satellite. I would say most likely a plane reflecting the sun, as it as an altitude where the sun is not over the horizon as it is at ground level. Good filming though.

  7. Its the international space station… I see it go through the sky in Western Australia quite often (Usually really early in the morning)

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