Strange UFO activity above Fairfax, Virginia 17-Jan-2013

UFO mothershipInteresting new video of a small unidentified flying object was seen  exiting the craft and maneuvering as the fly away. This was taken on 17th January 2013 over Fairfax in Virginia.

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    • Here, Here! (That is why I try to mute the sound whenever possible. You have to think of it as double promotional ism. I feel it's just a small price to pay, when you are possibly looking at a craft that has traveled 20+ light years.)

  1. Hm.. too bad the video is so bad… looks interesting but as always too zoomed in, &quot;cool&quot; music and that stuff. Could be anything really, drops of water, salt grains or a mothership. Lets hope the one who filmed this can get another and better chance sometime. <br />

  2. video is way too shaky and of course out of focus, like most are when one is &quot;catching&quot; something. there is nothing to relate it to- the ground or a lightpole or some ground lights.

  3. Great Post…………….suggest to the vide-ographer…….Christmas is only 11 months away……ask for a tripod and lenses kit……………….that said, excellent catch……

  4. Military aircraft launching flares, hmmm yep gotta be a UFO to blurred and to much shaking. Just like all that gets filmed that weird maybe the aliens shoot their ray gun at the camera causing it to shake? Nice but to incomplete and other issurs sorry. Maybe next time use a tri pod.

  5. Relax y&#39;all!! A good catch if you ask me. Everyone moaning about the shake etc but who&#39;s ever prepared to film a UFO, they show up when your not expecting it and anyone who has a smooth video filmed on a tripod is probably a hoaxer! This looks genuine to me and the music spices it up!

  6. Yet this kind of active has been going on for eons. Can any read into their vibrations? Looks like a mission in affect with them. Humanoids are able to foresee things before they happen. Crop circles guys. Felt was some very serious commotion going on. Out in upper Nevada electrical frequencies could be felt with flash of lights behind the mountains. Outcome less movement of an earthquake

  7. Absolutely fascinating.I have been intrigued by them my whole life,and was lucky enough to actually speak on the phone to famous &quot;Betty Hill&quot;,about 30 years ago after she was interviewed on a local NH tv station.

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