Unknown lights hovering over Phoenix, Arizona 14-Jan-2013

Unknown lightsLatest UFO sightings – These unknown lights or orbs were seen and recorded in the night sky over Phoenix in Arizona on Monday, 14th January 2013.

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  1. wtf do extremist right wing talk show axxholes have to do with disclosure or any other UFO research.<br /><br />You&#39;re not going to earn much credibility with a huge swath of the public and MSM by hanging with those dillweeds.<br /><br />Just sayin&#39;.

    • You Sir! Are 100% correct…………..<br />I do not quite understand why that list of 50 &#39;truthers&#39; was published today……….<br />Most people with open minds and attitudes are not right leaning arse hats like Alex Jones.<br /> <br />My theory is this site and Educating Humanity are run by the Men in Black…..<br />Ever wonder about the language, grammar, syntax, used on this

  2. The military has been experimenting with and perfecting holographic light show technology for many years. The intent is to utilize them as diversions, decoys and psychological battlefield weapons. What better place than Phoenix, what better audience than the general public, and what better subject than their very favorite, UFO debunking? I believe nothing I can&#39;t take a tape measure to, kick

  3. On about Jan 14th 2013(i dont know exact date because my 14 year old dog passed away right around this time, needless to say i was in a sad state)<br /><br />I saw two Orange,bright, sort of orb or round lights in sky near Bovey MN(out in country; right on lake-no where near town).. The one on the left seemed brighter then the one on right(maybe the right one was farther away??).. as soon as i

  4. I remember back in 1991 I noticed a white &quot;dot&quot; in the sky looking north of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. I was in my back yard. After staring at it for a couple of minutes, I got the strange feeling that they were watching the metroplex below, as well as me! I was about to go in the house and call my friend to come outside and look at it, but it just &quot;blinked out&quot; and

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