Amazing UFO video recorded in Longview, Texas 26-Feb-2013

mothershipUFO sightings – New interesting video of a possible triangle shaped UFO or some kind of mothership. This was recorded over Longview, Texas on Tuesday, 26th February 2013.

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  1. supposedly, motherships are defined as one singular, large ship where all other ufos gather into. this also makes no sense to me because i consider every ufo to be a mothership. all ufos can come from one big ship somewhere else but i doubt humans have ever seen that, except in the movies. i don't know why this person calls his ufo a mothership, as we don't see other ufos going into or

  2. I often read of "motherships". How do you identify them as "motherships"? Are there father ship's to? Perhaps some of you UFO people can help me with that?

  3. No evidence is provided that this is a UFO at all, much less a "mothership." It is this sort of hype that discredits UFO studies and brings another lay of laughter curtain down.

  4. When describing a incident my cousin and I had…we always refer to the larger craft that launched the 7 small craft from it. It seems they came from within the craft. The "mother craft" was like a lab or research center and contained humans and aliens that seemed to be working together. We talked about it in the 50's after the incident. It seemed the larger craft was giving "

  5. of course there are fatherships you goofball! dont you know your vocabulary!?!? motherships are bigger!!!! #thisguyisagoofball

  6. A mothership is a larger ET vehicle that would potentially house smaller E.T vehicles or "UFO's". Much like our aircraft carriers house fighter jet's and bombers.

  7. We saw a very similar group of lights over Delaware Tuesday night. They were the same color and size. Faded and got smaller as they moved up and out of the area. I wonder if it could be the same thing we saw. It would have to have been MUCH higher than I thought it was. It was to the south west from here so it was in the right direction. Great sighting. I didn't have my camera with me. What

  8. Your narration of the event was exciting to listen to! I'm impressed with your footage and I'm certainly in agreement with you as to believing wholeheartedly that UFO's are real! Whether they be motherships or fatherships is irrelevant! What's relevant is that their presence is being captured on video and you put together great effort in order to show us visual proof! Thanks!

  9. Why does everyone assume that a formation of lights means that there is a solid object projecting these lights? Especially when the lights change position in such a manner that would NOT indicate a solid object? Also, his own air radar may well indicate that he is viewing the 2 planes mentioned as being far away. Hard to tell distances, especially in the dark.

  10. anyone remember the stories of the island of malta, about the caves were aliens were living in. Groups of people explored and never returned. Also alot of skeletons found, weird tombs. They said aliens were down in thse caves using mind control on people who would get close enough to them. anyone remember?

    • i remember hearing about that. they also said it could've been methane gasses that killed the humans. but what brought the humans to the cave in the first place? natural curiosity.

  11. You disbelievers crack me up. We should ask the next "UFO" to send you a note with the great seal of the UFOs to invite you and the swamp gas jerks to a party. What a bunch of idiots. You wouldn't know a ufo if it bit you on the nose. No wonder they don't acknowledge us when they see such garbage from the great Humans. Ain't we grand!!

  12. saw similar thing in sky in las vegas 3/5/13 @ nite between 10:45p to 11:10p. tried to get it w/cell phone unsuccessfully, but my daughter saw them, too!! so it made me feel less crazy

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