Most remarkable UFO sightings in February 2013

Most remarkable UFO sightings in February 2013 by

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early February 2013; huge UFO – California

early February 2013; triangle formation – Melbourne, Australia

February 2013; triangle UFO – Fresno, California

February 2013; triangle formation – Helsinki, Finland

February 2013; spherical UFO – Norway

11th February 2013; fast UFO – Cooloongup, Australia

17th February 2013; solid object – Mexico City

18th February 2013; huge UFO or orb – Midlothian, Scotland

24th February 2013; unknown object – Melbourne, Australia

25th February 2013; unidentified flying object – Vancouver, Canada

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    • MAUI. NIGHT. 3AM. S. Kihei Road. 1994. I suddenly am inspired to inspect the roof of the commercial account I am removing toxic waste. I decided to take a break. I look out over KAM ONE Beach, and just above the top of the plam trees, by only a few meters, is a big, black triangle all but suspended in the sky, moving slower than a bicycle, parallel to S. Kihei Rd., and I stand transfixed,

    • "All but suspended"? wtf does THAT mean? And you're saying regular people asked you to change the subject, implying that there was some sort of conspiracy, when in fact i suspect you wouldn't shut up about it, and nobody wanted to flat out call you a liar or say you saw a b2, and just wanted to change the subject, since it was so ridiculous. just a guess from your awkward and

    • All but suspended means it look suspended in place, because I'm sure the craft must have looked as though it wasn't moving at first. How slowly these things move can be a shock if you haven't observed the phenomenon before. You, sir, should go read a book though. Berating another person for your own lack in vocabulary…

  1. realmente interesante se ve el primero como un cinturon y separado como entre abierto y saliendo otro objeto mas pequeño realmente interesante ., nos falta mas tecnologia para acercar nuestras camaras a estos ovnis

  2. Good work the shock of agenda 21 lines up with first contact already made…are we but sheep waiting for the slaughter

  3. Never having seen an actual UFO but having an avid interest in the subject for over 40 years now, I discount the majority of "night" photos and videos of alleged UFOs; especially when you see blinking lights that look like normal navigation lights on a regular aircraft. Don't think that alien craft visiting the Earth would announce thier presence with lights and way too easy, with

  4. What about the Phoenix Lights…hundreds of people claimed seeing a giant craft hover over the city. What sucks is that when you or I witness the real thing and report it, the news anchors will all have a smile on their faces as if its cute or a joke and the skeptic's will remain skeptic's. I for one have had an interest in this since I was a kid, and after watching countless videos (good

  5. Regarding the magnitude of the sighting over Phoenix, this must have reached the top most levels of the "in the know" community, though nothing escalated from this other than a couple of spots on UFO hunter shows. Thus, there is an agenda on both sides of this UFO mystery. Obviously the "in the know" circle has the power to keep even this sighting suppressed…it's almost

  6. I am an alien from xercon living amongst you all. I pay taxes and hold a decent job. If I could get a new flux capacitor I would go home.

  7. i took a picture of what the farmers almanac call the strawberry full moon.. IN CALIFORNIA ON ALVARADO STREET.. and blew the picture up.. there s a ufo in it.. i showed to sexy weed salesman girl on olyimic blvd ..her name was TAYLOR AND LIKE THE SONG GOES .. SHES TUFF ENOUGH..THE DEA JUST SHUT DOWN ALL THE DISPENSEIES INCLUDEING HER.. STORE .. BUT . MAYBE IT

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