VIDEO: Triangle UFO hovering over Fresno, California – February 2013

triangle ufoLatest UFO sightings – This new interesting footage of a triangle-shaped craft was recorded over Fresno in California. This was recorded recently (in February 2013).

Witness report: A triangle UFO caught heading towards Madera California on hwy 41
The lights that appear to the left of the triangle are house lights on the horizon. Upon uploading this video I noticed that there was a small light to the bottom left of this UFO.

Author (SummerShudder83 @ youtube)

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  1. Now you know why pyramids are a immitated structure. What are your psychic abilities now if any? See me at 1877chinatown dot com, there you can email me and take your finding to MUFON fresno also call tracon oakland, find out if it left a radar signiture if it was above 3,000 feet it would have left a signature that was reported or not, if the later then UFO. Good job

  2. is that the ufo making all those jerky movements or is it you shaking with the camera like a madman? just when i try to look a little closer the picture gets all shaken up. i think i'm screen sick now.

    • janet – No offense, but you could always hit the &quot;Pause&quot; button and view it better than way. (I&#39;m just saying.)<br />

  3. This video looks cgi&#39;d . With nothing but the night sky which looks very muted, it is hard to get a bearing on size.

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