Canada Has Around One Thousand Reported UFO Sightings Every Year

Canadian people have been reporting around a thousand UFO sightings since 2011. The data came from Chris Rutkowski, a writer who keeps track of reported UFO sightings since 1989.
Rutkowski admitted that nearly all cases can be explained but there are a few of them that are hard to explain even with further investigations by the experts. He added that government does not mind reports of unexplained things spotted in the skies anymore unlike in the past few decades.
Rutkowski, who claimed that he has been receiving comprehensive information about strange flying objects or lights reported by different people living in Canada, said that several agencies in Canada used to invest much time and resources to look for UFO wreckage.
Unidentified flying objects were reported 980 times in 2011 and even though Rutkowski has yet to finalise the data for 2012, he thinks that such cases are higher in that year.
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    • You both should add your accounts/details of your sightings to this website! (Just so that we all can keep track of all who have seen stuff – and what they've seen!) 🙂

  1. Nearly all cases can be explained? "They " would be hard put to explain the craft I saw on 2 nights in 1997. It's so irritating to be told that people see Venus,swamp gas, fog, helicopters etc, when in fact that is not what is being described by sober, intelligent people. Why bother reporting anything?

    • exactly iceni. when i tell people i've seen ufos i get laughed at or i'm told i was seeing things. i know what i've seen. i don't care if people want to laugh at me.

    • I'm with you Janet. We are not stupid, and can tell the difference between aircaft and unknown craft especially when seen in the daylight and close up.I get laughed at too. But I know what I saw and it wasn't one of 'ours'.

  2. Definitely UFO spottings are on the increase in the populated areas of Canada ,just wonder why we have so many dissapearing homeless people, are they being abducted by thses intruders of our space. Just a thought however answers to the questions will get solved ,jion us on facebook at Ufo Tracker Investigations

  3. "Dissapearing homeless people??? That is suppose to be big news, yet, no news about this. But if that were the case, finally I can say this UFOs are good for something (like taking care of the homeless, I mean, not like getting rid of homeless). I have seen a few UFOs and I've always ask the same question: So what?

    • Don&#39;t you know we are the MacDonalds of the universe?<br />Yum, yum to the Aliens! That&#39;s why all our Presidents turn gray in office, when they find out.<br />Don&#39;t know if they have Fries with that or not, but not only homeless people go missing Millions of people a year go missing all over the world. Get you cook book: To Serve Man!<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br

  4. I`ve seen a cluster of UFOs when I was 13 years old, back in the early 60`s. Since then, I`ve witnessed 3 other sightings; one in the 70`s, one in the 90`s, another in 2010, My worst experience was being waking up to a bright light at our hunting camp. It was 3: am when I woke up thinking we had over slept our alarm. Quickly got up to look outside and could see the wharf &amp; boat 150 feet below

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