Daytime UFOs flying over the sky above Taxco, Mexico 6-Mar-2013

ovnisThis daytime video of a bright UFOs or some kind of orbs was recorded over Taxco, a small city and municipality located in the Mexican state of Guerrero. Recorded in 6th March 2013.

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  1. wow! now that was cool. i'm usually hesitant about mexican sightings as there have been so many fakes from there, but this one is cool.

  2. Interesting, but you know I have seen plastic bags flying high and shimmering in the sun which could be taken for a UFO. Just saying, as these objects seem to be floating.<br />Hi Janet.

  3. a white meteorological aerostatic balloon photographed in a blue sunny sky looks and moves just like that believe me

  4. I wish they would have zoomed out for a sec to give us perspective reference… yeah the roof gutter at end kinda helped but these kinds of vids don&#39;t help us know which is moving more the camera of the craft.

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