Five UFOs seen and recorded over Ekaterinburg, Russia 2-Mar-2013

unknown lights
Latest UFO sightings – These five unknown lights were flying across the night sky above Ekaterinburg, the fourth-largest city in Russia and the administrative center of Sverdlovsk Oblast. This was taken on Saturday, 2nd March 2013.

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    • Listen, I'm not sure what these were, I've seen many Chinese lanterns on this site, but for one to just fall that quick while still lit isn't probable, plus they all kept their light without flickering. Either this video is real, or it's photoshopped, that's the only two conclusions that can be reached from this. No Chinese lantern falls that quickly ok?

  1. don't you think a chinese lantern's flame would keep itself afloat, being that the flame is still burning? it wouldn't be falling to the ground with the flame still burning. i was focusing on the 2 that were joining up and then the one disappearing, when the other one suddenly fell quickly. a really great video! nice and still too!

  2. great video, definetly believable. Did not appear to be a pelican, swamp gas, weather balloon, flares, or a lantern.

  3. Previously, before the fireball exploded in the skies over Chelyabinsk, there were reports of lights in the sky.<br /><br /> <br />Could the lights in the sky over Ekaterinburg possibly be an indication that the people of the city are scheduled to be on the receiving end of a fireball?<br /><br />Are our elders trying to tell us something? Boom Boom?<br /><br />Hear the &quot;boom boom&quot;

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