Triangle-shaped craft hovering over Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania 4-Mar-2013

New interesting UFO footage by Youtube user seeingUFOsPA. This one was recorded over Penn Township in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania. This was taken on 4th March 2013 around 10:30 pm.

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  1. IF you're going to the trouble of spending 3 years of your life photographing anything, you can go to the trouble of working on your camera technique and not blame your equipment. Maybe you should practice during the day on earthly aircraft so you can better work at night with ufos?

  2. ha ha ha…well..sure we all noticed that lately too many drunk , on drugs or just silly people, are using camcorders, night and day…

  3. At first I was thinking this woman is crazy, it looks like vehicle headlights parked on a hill. Then they started to fly away. So I guess I was wrong. Whatever it was, it was definitely interesting.

  4. Alison , it seems that you have some Great camera/video eqipment. All though there is alot that is going on in this video . The footage of the craft moving along at cruise speed and proceeding to bank to left . That's what most jets or planes do . Now , at the beginning of video, when the craft accellrate across the sky at fast rate of speed … Like Bursts of speed . That's Awesome !

  5. Her written speculations regardig what these are and what they're doing to "avoid radar", etc. are ridiculous and unfounded. 50 people have seen them at this location over time? Where are the other vids or pics?

  6. LOL! You are tweeking big time. This is a plane. You can see the navigation lights after it turns. Why do you make so many presumptious comments? Why would someone throw you a $15,000 camera when you can't even use the one you have?

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