UFO Sighting on Video Across the Skies of West London

An unidentified flying saucer vanished from sight as a man was filming it in the atmosphere and outer space as viewed from West London. What possibly is this?

The black, spherical-shaped UFOwas floating at far above the ground and at the start, the spectator misidentified it for either a hot-air balloon or a bird. Afterward, he observed it began to take short sharp turns or angles, as if it had been a manipulated flight. Snapping up his camera, he completed the video.

The video meets a couple of common complaints. It has shaky motion and the item is very far away to produce any helpful identification. However, it is the motion of this certain UFO which causes it to be considered as attention-grabbing and remarkable.

As reported by the spectator, he was only manage to capture the view for a few seconds before it exactly vanished before his naked eyes.

The object does not appear similar to any usual plane, and it is certainly not a bird.

So, what possibly is this?

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  1. that's really too bad your vid is so short and out of focus. when you do zoom in on the thing it looks like it could be a balloon or piece of debris floating around on the air currents. air currents can do funny things to man-made objects.

  2. It is very difficult to keep an object in the viewfinder, even the moon appears to dance around, if your camera is not on a tripod.<br />What does Exactly vanish before his naked eyes mean.Vanished while he was watching it. Sorry my puter has gone French so cant use proper punctuation such as quotes or question marks.

  3. Sorry but that is a balloon, I&#39;m not a skeptic but we have to maintain integrity if people are going to begin believing they are here.<br /><br />

  4. A little advice, photography lessons. That could have been something important, but unfortunately we couldn&#39;t tell due to camera movement and trying to focus. When it looked like you may have finally got it in focus, it was out of frame.

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