UFOs Moving Erratically Over Wombat National Park, Victoria

A series of strange lights in the sky of Wombat National Park, Victoria was spotted by two women who were on their way to Daylesford from Taylors Lakes. The driver, who is a flight stewardess, ruled out the lights from a plane.

According to the two witnesses, the lights were diamond-like objects with coloured pulsating lights. They revealed that one of the objects came near to them, making them able to see the bottom of it.

They described that the object looked to be in quarters, with two opposing quarters. Two quarters were dull metal and the other two were black with flashing lights on the edge.

The three or four objects all made erratic movement, moving up and down, hovering, and changing directions. The objects remained in the view of the two women for around 30 minutes. The also claimed that they experienced similar UFO sighting along Melton Hwy when they took another route going home.

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  1. Do they mean Wombat Hill Botanical Gardens as there is no National Park in Victoria by that name? If it was the Gardens it would mean they were no longer travelling to Daylesford as the Gardens are in the town. What time was it? What road and direction were they travelling? Any other witnesses? Who made this report?

    • very enlightening comment, good to know I m not alone in checking credibility of the news, well done, thanks for taking the time for posting that

  2. I've seen my fair share of UFOs since the 1970s but until we collate these "sightings" with serious reporting the subject will remain in the realm of fantasy by the uninitiated and sceptics. Its hard enough with internet hoaxers and photoshopped pics. We must report the elements of each sighting in the same manner traffic accidents are investigated. Cover "Who, What, Where,

  3. there is a Wombat state forest on the way to Dalesford, If you drive towards Ballarat on the western freeway and take the Dalesford exit, drive about 5Kms or less you will be in the Wombat state forest. you can clearly see it on google maps, i live near the Wombat state forest and have been there on many occasions.

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