VIDEO: Bright unidentified flying object hovering above Gothenburg, Sweden 24-Mar-2013

UFO orbLatest UFO sightings – New footage of a huge unknown lights or orbs hovering in the night sky above Gothenburg, the second largest city in Sweden. This was taken on Sunday, 24th March 2013.

Witness report: This particular shapeshifting UFO=unidentified flying object (not necesseraly of ET origin) yet still a UFO appeared somewhere around 19.30 and 19-40 PM above the skies of Göteborg, we had been watching the skies for approximately two hours before the craft itself arrived (showed up), shortly before we recorded this an unknown helicopter that had been circling the mountain at a distance decided to leave the area. We both believe that this craft might be a shapeshifting UFO, or a craft that posses the technology to alter it´s shape or create the illusion of it “shifting” by implementing sophisticated hologram technology, if this is the first time you hear of this theory it might sound really wacky but please research the matter before you make up your mind regarding what you think of this sighting, there are tons of interesting material and objective research regarding these crafts. Some of the testimonies regarding shapeshifting UFO´s are even found in eyewitness accounts documented by the military in various countries, files which now have been made public.

Please help share this video with your friends and on UFO-sites and groups, since UFO-hunters are sublimely being censored we need to help share our sightings with the world! Since media obviously does not care about doing it..

As usual any harassments and personal insults will lead to an instant block, opinions are always welcome not immature behaviour. I got zero tolerance on people who behaves like monkeys on youtube (please keep this in mind before you post).

Author (UFO-Skywatcher Sävedalen @ youtube)

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  1. There seems to be many that seem to change shape, still think they are coming and going from one dimension to another. Biggest problem is there are so many drones in the air.

    • yes the drones are and were (before public disclosure of their existence), a problem. That is why i like that video of the best ten ever ufo evidences which shows some undebunkable photographic evidence from before the days of cgi and digital cameras. These are taken when it was not possible for you tube kids to make fancy cgi graphics or photoshop.

  2. so what was the sound when it reached you? you didn't say. to me it sounded like a jet engine, or was that just a truck passing near you?

  3. excellent footage gothenburg an interdimensional space craft or ufo that do shape shift if they have too keep posting them on this sight as we get so many fakes .

  4. It looks like a helicopter or a slow flying plane. The angle that the object is moving makes it look like it's flying very slow. The camera also seems to be somewhat out of focus making the object look like a ball of light. At one point before you stopped shooting I could see the flash of some navigation lights. You stopped shooting cause it was cold and a car was coming? Couldn't

    • Spot on Jon, I think he thought it was a UFO until he was able to identify it as an aircraft, then huffed and stopped filming. As he fell for it up until then he thought others would as well.

  5. You guys are joking right? This is an airplane, it's so obvious. Have you ever seen a plane coming straight at you? You can see the light from miles and miles away, and it doesn't appear to move because it's coming straight at you. If you notice at the end of the video as it was closing in you could see a flashing navigation light and hear the engine get louder and louder, he only

  6. This guy is so close minded, claims to be a believer yet a skeptic, but blocks people from legitimately questioning his reasoning. My reply after he blocked me:<br /><br />That is fine, but know my opinion on your close mindedness. On one hand, you expect people to believe, yet you totally dismiss legitimate questioning by &#39;threatening to block&#39; people. I AM a believer in extra

    • right on man, right on. this person knows what he saw was a plane. it is beyond me why he would react this way, wanting to block out people. maybe he works for the government. hey LUFOS, why don&#39;t you block out this person!

  7. Once again, just an airplane and you even realized it with the &quot;HMPHH&quot; AT THE END. Why waste time and bullcrap us with your story KNOWING this was just a waste?<br />Thanks dude

  8. I have heard enough bout this guy attitude..just not nice person..lots of problems with himself i guess, as most of the ones that post fake video..hey, author, quit it…and get out

  9. I think this person should be blocked for showing his fake videos. He knows damm well this is just an airplane. This guy really is full of himself. What an ahole.

  10. Your youtube site for this video is pathetic. There are no comments except for a few gullible people. You have blocked all of the rest cause it makes you look so stupid and a total liar. Which is obviously the truth. What&#39;s the matter does the truth hurt? Aah. Get a life and keep your crap off our website monkey boy.

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