New video of a flashing lights over Longview, Texas 2-Apr-2013

New UFO video of unknown flashing lights hovering in the night sky above Longview in Texas. This was taken on Tuesday, 2nd April 2013.

Witness report: I noticed sporadic blinking out my window so I promptly got the camera. You will notice that these light do not match normal aviation lights, nor does it fly like a plane. This object was hovering a good 5 mins before I was able to film it putting it hang time around 10 before speeding away to the woods.

Author (EastTexasUFOs @ youtube)

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  1. let's keep in mind that if lights in the sky don't move erratically, up and down, accelerating very quickly, speeding up and stopping suddenly, then they might be anything manmade, as planes, silent helicopters, drones, flares,or any kind of natural phenomenon…so not that worth to take in consideration

    • yes, same, and you'll see more and more as that, since the sky is full of planes, drones, helicopters and lanterns…this website loves to show them

  2. I'd put money on it being a private drone…electric motors make very little noise and the strobe lights gives it away…

  3. now THIS is what I am talkin&#39; about! A good video. It has sound, It has view reference (streetlights, horizon), It has narration that appears to be telling the truth of how he came about the object.<br />I am so happy because it is not a darn airplane on approach for once !!!!<br />Nice catch, dude !!

  4. happy you had so much time to video, but it would have been nice if you walked across the street to remove the streetlight effect that diminishes the clarity of the video. just sayin&#39; 😉

  5. Drones…plane…helicopter my pa-toots! I have been seeing a light that shows up nearly every night over Longview. Just got the equipment to film. I live in the suburbs, it comes and it goes. One minute, its there and then you see it shoot up into the sky. The next minute it is back, in another spot! I can see it wobble, dip, and move side to side. But, most of the time it faintly wobbles slowly

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