New video of UFOs flying over Tampa, Florida – March 2013

TV meteorologist Brooks Garner filmed strange UFO lights flying across the sky of Tampa in Florida. The video was uploaded on Youtube on 17th March 2013.

Books Garner is an expert on weather and atmospheric conditions but he can’t explain these objects. What do you think these lights are? Please leave your comments below!

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  1. clearly lanterns, I don't believe the guy didn't identify them…he knew that very well sure, u just trying build up a story..

  2. Appears to be a flight formation of many UFOs or it could be some of the largest and most well distributed lanterns I have ever seen. RIGHT!!

  3. Chinese Lanterns, someone spent a lot of money on all of them. Why didn't he keep filming, instead of panning down to the city and ending the video? He knew what they were.

  4. I think these lights are UFO's from another planet. These sightings are all over the world and they're not paper lanterns. That's a bunch of bull. Wake up you people. We are being visited and have been for many years!

  5. at first, I think they are paper lanterns…. but now, look how fast they move… some even seem to move to side and then back to its original position. Also, the brightness and sizes of them compared to the buildings is interesting. Maybe something bigger than paper lanterns or acutal UFO's. I disagree with them being simple 'paper lanterns'

    • It is obvious that you have never had the pleasure of releasing lanterns…Which I have done so for the past fifty years on a certain anniversary. And yes, they do travel at erratic speeds and also mover erratically…it's called wind currents…turbulence…and believe it or not…lanterns can reach altitudes of 10,000 feet in a climb rate of 500 feet a minute…and that is a pretty good

  6. They appear to be something along the lines of laterns. Should they actually move about, as opposed to a slow "drift", I'de say differently.

  7. OK! – Shouldn't such a clear, 'interesting' sighting have warranted a much longer observation? The fact that it is so 'good' and yet with such short footage as witness, is suspect for a start!

  8. What you are looking at is a fleet arrival of NOT our vehicles. Who?, don't know, but also noticed a couple of conventional aircraft intermixed with the others. Time for the lying to stop. After all your paying these guys to protect you , right? You are the nation as in NATIONAL SECURITY!!

    • listen, video like that just a waist of time, and no need to explain anythink, u just go search on the web chinese lantern video and u ll find hundreds..they do move like that, look just exactly like those in a night sky…ok ? no question, nothing to talk about, waist time

  9. &quot;They are a force for good or scientific order to keep this place safe or monitored.<br />Time for the lying to stop.<br />You are the nation as in NATIONAL SECURITY!!<br />What You are looking at is a fleet arrival of NOT our vehicles. Who?<br />These lights are uniform<br />We are being visited and have been for many years!<br />If they were true ufos the us airforce wouldve been on red

  10. Paper lanterns! STHU! Those are the UFO&#39;s that were leaving the Moon, clearly there are showing us they are a force for good or scientific order to keep this place safe or monitored.

  11. the footage is what it is, good evidence. people need to stop asking for confirmation and just keep recording. time is coming when better footage will leave no more room for doubts and it will be extremely hard to deny what the truth is. good job on the recording..

    • fine, so let&#39;s wait for better footage..matter is useless footage r hundreds and increasing, so get ready to wait forever..or maybe might be smarter to just recognize and delete all the fake video of chinese lanterns, airplanes..and so on..saving our time…what u think about that

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