North Carolina: UFO Symposium coming to Greensboro this weekend

As a young child, Kent Senter believed there could be life on other planets.

Senter, from Burlington, said he had his first sighting as a young child and his most “life changing” in Durham in 1985.

The curiosity of what is in outer space still resides with him today.

Senter has organized a conference that will bring research backed by college professors, retired military officers and government officials to the War Memorial Auditorium in Greensboro.

“They’re a lot more questions than answers,” Senter said.

Senter, who has terminal cancer, says the conference was on his bucket list.

“When you know the inevitable is coming, it’s never like you expected. So, I want to get this accomplish,” Senter said.

Senter said the governments of Chile, France and Belgium recognized the existence of UFOs. However, Senter feels the U.S. has yet to get on board.

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