Did NASA Confirm Extraterrestrial Invasion?

NASA confirmed on February 12, 2013 that aliens have invaded Earth while scientists made prediction on arrival of three giant spaceships in March 2013.WWN is the exclusive media reporting about the alien invasion and Frank Lake was its top investigative reporter on the issue.

World governments have been placing the invasion in secret in a bid to avoid global panic. But WWN feels the need to reveal the truth and suggests early peaceful actions to avoid scary human-alien war.

The independent non-commercial organization Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) announced that three giant alien ships are approaching. The largest is 200 miles wide while that others are slightly smaller. These spaceships should reach Earth by the fall of 2012 based on their speed, said SETI’s lead extraterrestrial expert John Malley.

NASA also confirmed a report from Lake, also known as the world’s top investigative reporter on the issue, that the number of aliens invading the planet is increasing. It also claimed that aliens are tipped off by the rising greenhouse emissions.

According to NASA researchers, extraterrestrials have been watching Earth from afar and have witnessed atmospheric changes on the planet, which they viewed as a symptom of a civilization that is already out of control. NASA believes that aliens are taking drastic measures to prevent humans from becoming a more serious threat.

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    • There is a great pub just left of Venus, and having seen the overweight plebs down here, they needed a refreshing drink.<br />Its stories like this that deflect away from the real truth, that the universe is teeming with life, and many species are far older and far more advanced than us, and that frightens a lot of people. As to whether we have been visited – I don&#39;t know – maybe – and maybe

  1. So if they were supposed to be here for Christmas 2012, did they stop off for a quick dip in the milky way or are they hanging out on Mars? Where are they now?<br />

  2. CLIMATE GATE: The cost of living is going to soar..energy prices will sky rocket, people will lose jobs, &amp; many countries could economically collapse. <br />DID YOU KNOW: Earth has always been evolving. The continents have been shifting since the beginning of time. Ice ages both large &amp; mini have resulted. Volcanic eruptions create colder climates &amp; change landscapes. Flooding &

  3. … so if I read that correctly 3 giant alien ships were supposed to be here in December of 2012 and it also said march of 2013. well I believe both those dates have passed what happened to the giant alien ships that wear supposed to be here. im sorry man but really? no pics no amateur astronomers saw them. ZZZZZZZZZZZZ!

  4. Who writes this crap? I believe in E.T. life and that they visit us regularly, but this article is just a little too ridiculous. I don&#39;t know why I&#39;m even asking… but are there any sources to these claims, other than the link claiming the ships &quot;will&quot; reach Earth in Dec of LAST YEAR?

  5. Just tell us how one may evaluate the dimension and distance of an unusual objet (200 miles …) without any reference ? Just a non-sense.

    • Not that I believe this, but there are ways to tell the size, the same way they estimate the size of exoplanets, and don&#39;t ask me how they do it, but it&#39;s possible. They could also calculate distance and rate of speed. Having said all that, this story is a lot of bunk.

    • exoplanets are objects with some known characteristics (they obey gravitation, are spherical, are captured by massive planets, etc …) so their behavior allows to deduce size or speed … while this &quot;alien spaceship&quot; is completely unknown, so nothing may be deduced from such a picture. This make a difference!

  6. This all makes the site look silly when much of what you show us is good stuff. Give the editor a poke in the ribs from me.

  7. Just because you can&#39;t see it doesn&#39;t mean it&#39;s not there.<br />Take in a deep breath and keep standing.

  8. Hmmm, interesting… while there is no credible citation, it could be the alien ships have arrived and we cannot see them, right? it is just as likely that aliens live among us–tell me you haven&#39;t encountered some very &quot;alien&quot; folks. I would think they would attempt to blend in rather than foist a hostile takeover of the Earth. after all, what would be the purpose of all the

  9. It started around 5 years ago and they are and have been making the change. Watch powers switch in the world. Watch the end of countries who rule with force. Watch small countries with better humans rise. Yes watch the big powerful countries fall. The problem with humans is they think they understand. There are hundred of thousands among you right now. Yes time for a spanking.

    • Sounds too good to be true! Let&#39;s all watch as the leaders (current and former) of the &#39;Evil Empire&#39; fall into the dark pit of their own excrement! Would that be comedy or tragedy I wonder? On a serious note though, you don&#39;t have to convince this KIWI there are thousands among us. I have had their help twice! 🙂

  10. whoever authorized this should understand that printing this makes the site look silly in a world that already does not believe the truth.next time look before you leap.

  11. I have taken in a deep breath…..when can I start breathing again ?! I used to take this site seriously until recently when the articles became too ridiculous for words, the website owner never answers questions and obviously doesn&#39;t read and check what he&#39;s written. <br />This article is, I&#39;m afraid, rubbish. Really disappointing, I want to read serious articles, not this kind of

  12. It is now time to work with our brothers and sisters here on Earth. It is also time to work with our Space Brothers and Sisters. We start by breaking down the communication barrier.(&quot;They&quot; will not be using English. Visualization is the key to telepathy.Use it and rejoice.Please do not forget the power of prayer. Put a smile back on that face and a warm glow in your heart!Help people in

  13. Get real. They invaded years and years ago. As John Leer said, &quot;it&#39;s all over but the screaming.&quot; Don&#39;t let people feed you the line that humans are such a blight on the earth that superior beings feel the need to step in. The Reptilians and their cohorts, the Grays, have been wreaking havoc on the earth for a long time causing all the chaos and then blaming it on us so we

  14. Do you think the aliens are that dumb to just appear in our skies start blasting away and terminating all humans and living things on this planet? If I were the leader or the big Kahuna of these alien ships, I would send a reconnaissance team or a probe to survey the planet to find out their reaction to non-human entities or EBE&#39;s (E.T.&#39;s) especially, their defenses. Unless, they could be

  15. A planned false flag invasion is the bread and butter strategy for getting the population on board with a corrupt solution to an issue. Veitnam, and 911 are prime examples. We have already seen the first 4 &quot;cards&quot; described by Wernher von Braun before he passed on. Excuses that would be used to garner support into the hands of the military/industrial complex: communists, rogue nations(

    • The above comment (which is pure rubbish by the way) is written by a evil-gelical fund-a-mentally ill refried and reborn too many times Christian who is a conspiratorialist too.

  16. Anything that comes from America is absolute rubbish.<br /><br />The MOTHER EARTH will always be here, the human race will not because we are led by greedy ignorant, selfish, power crazed and corrupt Governments and Business. We deserve this because we elected them. America is a prime example of how far mankind has gone off track and cares only about muscle and military might and ignores the fact

  17. They are looking in the Wrong Place !!! OMG !!!<br />Some Pea Brain on their own Planet told them to Get a Life !!!

  18. They are looking in the Wrong Place !!! OMG !!!<br />Some Pea Brain on their own Planet told them to Get a Life !!!

  19. It must be Thursday, the Garbage collector is here…suck up Washington DC, there is filth, waste and corruption there, drop them off at the inferno please.<br />

  20. This &quot;invasion&quot; has been announced many times since 2000 and something. The same story, different dates. Now they can&#39;t keep track, and tthat is why there is a date mixup. No invasion, stupid urban legend. And no…it is not Jesus, Elvis or my long lost dog either. The joke is on us UFO believers.

  21. Sorry. Just to clarify: UFO believers is absolutely misleading and silly to say. Of course I believe in unidentified flying objects – who doesn&#39;t. I meant life-on-other -planets believers, or as of today: a LOOP believer.

  22. People who write the stories like this are what is wrong with the UFO community. While others are trying to scientifically prove the existence of UFOs using today&#39;s technology, we have nuts like this who continue to make this subject a joke. The more we buy into their bullshit the more they will write. IF something like this were truly happening, we&#39;d know, so stop reading crap like this

  23. Why don&#39;t you take this topic down? It is July 2013,don&#39;t you think it is ridiculous to keep it on the page?

  24. If there had been any aliens heading towards earth they have<br />probably kept going when they have found out how much taxes<br />we pay and also frightened to land in case they are slapped<br />with a parking ticket , its one big rip off after another<br />anything to con people out of there savings , beam me up<br />scotty and lets get the flock outa here .

  25. Im new to the site,I heard that our stealth technology was given us by the aleins which are I beleive are fallen angels .Dont you think THEY would go stealth sometime on their way HERE .Quit planning a parade,they probably come and go as they please covertly.

  26. Im new to the site,I heard that our stealth technology was given us by the aleins which are I beleive are fallen angels .Dont you think THEY would go stealth sometime on their way HERE .Quit planning a parade,they probably come and go as they please covertly.

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