UFO Crash Incident In Roswell, New Mexico Sixty-Six Years Later

July 7, 1947 is the date that UFO believers and followers can never forget. On this day, something fell from the sky to the surface of Roswell, New Mexico. There are two major theories about the incident which can be broken down into official version and alternate explanation.

alien autopsyThe official version says that it was not a debris from extra-terrestrial UFO that fell from the sky but a surveillance balloon that was in the experimental phase. The development of such experiment had been classified during that time. The debris was recovered in Roswell and removed from the area.

The alternate explanation says that the debris being recovered and removed from the site was from a spacecraft piloted by extra-terrestrials. The debris was collected by the U.S. military including the aliens inside the spacecraft. The official statement was made up to cover up the real story. The military conducted various tests both on the flying saucer and the alien remains.

A British man released a stunning video in 1999 showing an alien autopsy. The man claimed that he acquired the footage from the U.S. military source. Few years later, he admitted that the video was made by himself. However, he insisted that the self-made video was a recreation of actual footage of alien autopsy. He said that the original film was destroyed when it exposed to air.

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  1. Even the people working at 51 today know nothing of the truth. Only a selected few knew then may be 25 or so. The film I do not know. The Aliens yes its true.

  2. I've seen this before, it looks good, but just like actual photos of space craft, if it's too good to be true, then it probably isn't..i do believe there probably was an autopsy done on any aliens found dead at the scene, but the government would never let that get out..sooner or later it'll all come outthat everything we've heard about roswell, area 51, betty and barney hill,

  3. Depending on who you read, the footage is real, despite what its owner says (they may have 'got' to him and threatened him to say it was fake). If you read Timothy Good's book Unearthly Encounters, he follows the threads of ascertaining the actual date of the celluloid, but then again there's other things he swears are true that just look hopelessly fake. Then again, I don't

  4. Concerning what fell, or crash-landed in the Roswell area: Some years ago, I heard a possible explanation that has not been made much of, if anything, over the years. The individual who suggested this to me was not an expert, or one claiming access to privileged information; it was just a suggestion made by a very intelligent psychologist.<br /><br />He wondered if what crashed was a German V

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