An Encounter Between Thomas Mantell and A UFO

Many people perceive UFO believers as ridiculous or delusional and investigations about extra-terrestrials are often considered as the works of silly and misguided people. However, many UFO hunters seem to be very credible including Thomas Mantell.

Mantell was a WWII top-notch pilot, honoured with the Distinguished Flying Cross and Air Medal for courageous action and heroism respectively. He continued his career in military in Kentucky Air National Guard. Many believe that he was the first person to die while tracking a UFO.

Mantell found the UFO but he never reached it at 25,000 feet as his plane dived towards the ground and crashed. The UFO disappeared after twenty minutes without a trace. It was presumed that Mantell flew beyond his limit and did not have enough oxygen to breathe, as a result, he blacked out and lost control of the plane. However, there was a sensational news by a local newspaper on the next day mentioning that the pilot’s plane was shot down by magnetic rays or in other words he was killed by extra-terrestrials.

Only Mantell could tell what was really happening but unfortunately the truth was buried together with the ace pilot. One thing that can be called as fact is that Mantell was the first person to die while investigating a UFO sighting. He died while chasing the truth.

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  1. In this country war heroes are put upon a pedestal, in this case one was thrown under the bus, being called too stupid to know what a weather balloon looks like, a popular misdirection for the time…

  2. ok so this is the first time i have something to say – in the early moring of saturday i was in my shed with some friends listening to music – i decided to go out and water my tree looking up i saw a bright white object – i have been interested in astronomy most of my life – so i pondered on what i was looking at i knew h had not seen that star or planet before so i called one of my friends and

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