Phoenix Lights Still Shine in the Minds of UFO Enthusiasts After Over a Decade

 A series of glowing orbs that hovered on March 13, 1997 above the Valley, might had been witnessed for just a short period of time, but it created a mystery that remains in the minds of some people today.On one nice evening with clear sky and a light breeze, the Phoenix Lights made an appearance out of nowhere, moving at very slow speed over the sky in a flattened V shape. They seemed to have equal and precise distance, the reason a natural phenomenon has been ruled by UFO enthusiasts.

If such mysterious event happened today, it would likely spread rapidly through Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites with YouTube video links. However, these things were not present in 1997, making eyewitness reports and number of videos moved like a snail mail into the national awareness. In fact, the story first got major attention from the media in USA Today only after three months from the event. People across the nation seriously considered a trip of extra-terrestrials or aliens.

Ten years after the strange event, Air National Guard officials accepted what many had suspected – the lights were flares, dropped during training exercises above the Barry M. Goldwater Range.

Then Lt. Col. Ed Jones of 104th Fighter Squadron from the Maryland National Guard, claimed he piloted one of the four A-10s that dropped the flares.

That admission has only done a little to eliminate the mystery to the minds of the public. Until today, the Phoenix Lights still shine vibrantly for individuals who believe human race is not alone

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  1. The flares that were dropped, were dropped 2 hours before the Phoenix lights. Even the then Govenor has finally come out and admitted it to be a real unknown sighting, and that there were no flares 'falling' at the time of sighting. I'm a veteran, and have seen, and used the type of flares the Air Force says they dropped. Flares do not drop with exact distances from each other, nor do

    • Correction: The Phoenix Lights were visible from around 8:30 pm, but the flares were dropped after 10:00 pm, in other words the lights people saw were not flares. The lights weren't the only thing observed that night, many people saw the actual craft, it was described as impossibly large and moving very slowly and very silently, it then finally took off at unbelievable speed. The Governor has

  2. that sighting i assume was a massive triangular ufo not military but our interdimensional beings stopping for a look at our tiny planet never flares no airforce in our planet has anything as massive as this ufo we are but ants & lab rats too these beings .

  3. I seen the giant triangle when it had no lights but you seen the huge shape of it because it blocked out the millions of stars up there in the Arizona sky, in its gigantic V shape. We were on the highway from Tucson in the Sierra Vista area. I was marveling at all the stars being from a place where you could not see them all that well. Then we drove under it!

  4. Reminds me of the Hudson Valley object, a huge &quot;V&quot; with light arrays that was huge in size and seen by hundreds of witnesses over the years. It was debunked as microlites flying in formation but the eyewitness reports do not support this theory.<br />Martin Harris.

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