UK: Identity Of Hovering UFO Above Scarborough Remains A Mystery

A photograph of strange craft flying over Scarborough baffled local residents and even a local UFO expert.

The photo was taken lately by a town’s visitor. It shows the aircraft apparently flying above the sea.

The photographer shared to the Scarborough News that he noticed something on the horizon when he reviewed his shots a day after taking them. He did not see something strange in the sky during the time he took the shots and no low flying aircraft.

Local ufologist Russ Kellett stated he’s been left “puzzled” with the mysterious flying object. He pointed out that there’s no shadow of the object in the water, which implies that it’s further than where it seems to appear in the photo. Mr Kellett stated that UFO sightings are usual in the region.

He concluded that the UFO must be a large one considering its size and possible distance from the sea. Kellet added that whatever the mysterious object is, it’s certainly not a Chinese lantern.

Do you have any idea of the UFO identity? Perhaps you have seen something mysterious in the Scarborough skies lately?

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  1. if you enlarge the pic and look about 2 ins down from the top centre of the shot, there's something that might be construed as a UFO, but I couldn't see anything above the sea that would give an explanation of the photo.

  2. I dont see anything. This is why i don't bother with photographs. I seriously don't see anything in that picture.

  3. the forward scouts started coming in the 1940's. the front line will come soon as they are mapping the Earth. we upset them with the bomb.

  4. thanks for clicking screen tip apologise for my previous comment it is a ufo sitting motionlessly over the beach just prying at our british landscape & seaside resort nosey aliens .

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