Flying saucer flying over Sweden 10-Sep-2013

UFO sightings – New strange footage of a disc-shaped UFO flying in the sky above Sweden. This was taken on Tuesday, 10th September 2013.

Witness report: I dont care what people think about these things as they are dam real and when you witness this stuff you seem to doubt yourself and try not to believe it, what ever is in that smudgy spot up there has to be a saucer, some thick blackish fog is around it covering its identity, ive recorded enough, sent to numerous reporting centres with no reply, so without someone helping get radar proof there will be skeptics.

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  1. your right…there will be critic's…in fact looking, they've already started. But as long as you know in yourself, that's all that matters. When i saw my first UFO i kind of new, as i started feeling odd straight away, all tingly inside, and i just wanted to turn and leave, i guess it was good old flight or fight instincts settling in. When you know, YOU KNOW believe me.

  2. My questions are and have always been: What are they, why are we seeing them, what purpose is there to all these sightings,and where do they originate? It's as if we are being used in a vast experiment, by 'something' with a lot of time on their hands etc. It's frustrating and annoying.

    • imo, we are them. They, like any intelligent being, are insuring the survival of their species. Their planet may be slightly different than ours and so they learned that they could never just "move" here because of different environmental reasons. So, the best thing to do is find the most similar creature to them and native to this planet… Apes. Then of course, do some gene

  3. This looks like exactly the same that I saw a few years back here in Finland. There were two of these objects and they were not moving.

  4. There are UFO sightings all over the world everyday. Most are alien spaceships and they are observing us. They aren&#39;t balloons and all of those weird things from people that deny everything. Wake up people and stop being so<br />narrow minded.

  5. This appears to be a black orb, which are less common than white orbs. Over the last few years I&#39;ve seen many white orbs, yet in that same stretch only a fractional number of black orbs. Most notably, was an occasion when I saw a black orb pass over a busy intersection in Phoenix around 6pm, and then saw a Phoenix Police chopper pass by at the same altitude heading in the same direction, just

  6. Believe me, this is no balloon. It&#39;s a multi-faced orb, with lights on all the vertices. I&#39;ve seen one, at very close range. It&#39;s a terrifyingly beautiful thing to witness. And it will make you a believer.

  7. I saw several objects this evening it was a.m.a.z.i.n.g!! we just moved in a tall building that&#39;s also on top of a hill in Stockholm so we have a great view over the sky and the horizon, I sit a lot next to the window with my computer and look out often because it&#39;s a Beautiful view catching the sunsets. This time it was an unusal evening right after the sunset it was still light outside

    • Im in sthlm sweden too and me too have seen ufo&#39;s above nacka where i stay now and also over hägersten… the time in hägersten i had a witness with me… we saw two moving &quot;stars&quot; flying across the night sky.. they separated and one of them flew close to another &quot;non moving star&quot; and it shot a light beem streak on that third one who right away responded with a beem back

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