Science Teacher Photographs A UFO Above Minnesota

A UFO was photographed by a woman above Minnesota on September 2, 2013. Allison Barta, Science teacher, was outside her home in Cass Lake, MN together with her friend Neil Peterson taking photos of pelicans. All of the sudden they both spotted a translucent disc-shaped object in the sky. It is reported by Grand Forks Herald that the UFO moved across the horizon at an amazing speed.The photo of the unusual object that was captured by Barta shows it with two pelicans in flight. The UFO could be a lens flare but Barta says it was not because they saw it with their naked eyes. Barta explains that the UFO was closer to the camera than the pelicans because the birds appeared more in focus than the mysterious object.

According to Barta, they were surprised to see the unexplainable object in the sky. Barta tried to catch another photo of it but she failed to do so.

Barta believes that they saw a space UFO.

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  1. very true as I have encounted a translucent sphere myself at tree top level. lasted all 7seconds till it went behind more foliage…..was not a small object either. people will be sceptical until they see one for themselves. the truth is out there…

  2. I have heard that some people believe that there are atmospheric beings floating in the sky , Like sky whales?<br />I&#39;m not arguing, though I have never seen them myself.

  3. I to have seen these, what I refer to as Plasma Rings/Spheres. Generally they are near clouds and obscure themselves behind them when noticed. I look for them everytime I&#39;m out of doors but see them infrequently. It&#39;s had me wondering if their not some form of drone or government/military surveillance device?

  4. well said, once a sighting has happened that leaves you in no doubt what you have seen leaves you not only extremely excited but wanting to research more. It goes without saying friends and family that have not had the privilege to have an experience such as this will never 100% believe until they have a similar experience. you know what you saw and that is really all that matters. Thanks for

  5. Is there another picture somewhere because in the picture above I only see the disk and no birds…And that is so true about skeptics. They won&#39;t believe it or understand till they see one for themselves.

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