UFO escorted by 2 crafts filmed over Suresnes, France? 13-Sep-2013

UFO videos – This daytime sighting was recorded over Suresnes,  a commune in the western suburbs of Paris, France on Friday, 13th September 2013.
Witness report: September 13th, I filmed one of the most amazing UFO sightings of my life. I was looking trough a window in a restaurant in Suresnes, when I saw a strange long silver object crossing the sky really slowly. I thought it was a zeppelin, but when I watched the video and zoomed, I understood it was not. A really clear saucer-shape, no any wings in the back of it, no propeller. A symmetric disc-shape.
Later, I noticed two strange lights following it, they were probably escorting it, maybe two other UFOs or even the air force?
I didn’t have my camcorder with me, I was in a restaurant, but fortunately I could film it, and in HD. 🙂
At 1:30, I show you 3 snapshots of the footage: you can CLEARLY see the object is not a zeppelin, it exactly looks like a typical flying saucer.
Filmed by me with my iPhone 4S in Suresnes, France, Sept 2013.
Author (WTFflow @ youtube)

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  1. I can do without the psychological creepy music. But a very interesting vid. If this is not fake it should be world news and should have had many, many sightings.

  2. I'm blown away! That's the most amazing footage I've ever seen! I wonder if there were any others that may have been taping at the time? I dare any body to disprove this sighting! Great job and Thanks for sharing!!!

  3. I wish so many people would STOP photoshopping and trying to hoax everybody. This makes the credibility of the REAL UFO sightings less. I suppose people have to play with their new software and "create" UFO videos, but it's really an insult to those of us who are REAL UFO hunters, not photoshop novices hoping to get a million hits on YouTube. Stop this hoax crap. It's

  4. I really hate it when music of any kind is added. Right away it makes the video worthless! I mean who the hell is going to capture &quot;amazing&quot; footage of something and then figure…. oh I should kick back and add some cool music to it…. ooohh maybe even a cool animated graphic at the beginning and end.<br />If this was real, a normal person&#39;s reaction would be &quot;OMG ! I NEED

    • don&#39;t get so angry. you can mute all videos and you can turn off add-ons. you can enjoy just the visuals, if you wish. and if you get hopes up and then get them smashed just from a video, i hate to see how you will handle life&#39;s real problems.

  5. Need more clips of this sighting to even be real…Those things flying over should have been filmed by a hell of alot of people and with much better cameras lol..Holding out on this one.

    • this. near paris, so someone would have seen it also. and it is a low angle shot, so if it really is saucer shaped, soneone is bound to have noticed and filmes. it very well could be a zepplin, too far out of focal range to tell. orbs + artifacts from phone camera and excessive digital editing

  6. I’m not dismissing all these videos of UFOs, because I saw one myself, but why are they always so shaky and out of focus? I could understand the shakiness of a nervous person, but the focus I don’t understand. With the technology of today’s video cameras and smart phones, I just don’t get it.

  7. If it was me recording that I would have moved as soon as it went behind that building (or before) plus when it just disappears, fake!

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