FO Sighting Photos Above Poland


A strange light above Elblag, a Polish town, was photographed by a local man on the night of September 29. The UFO was reportedly seen too bright and too big for it to be considered as wedding lantern or Chinese lantern.

Mr Jaroslaw released four pictures of the UFO to the public through a local news website. He said that the light was clearly visible in the western part of the town. The reporting witness’ father supposedly first saw the object from a balcony while he was out for a smoke. The father then called the reporting witness about the mysterious light in the sky. The son then apparently went to take a look of the object.

The son did not disappoint himself as he saw the UFO in the horizon. Despite the darkness of the sky at that time, he tried to take photos of it. The reporting witness claims that he saw the light for 20 minutes moving very slow towards the ground.

Jaroslaw’s UFO sighting still remains a mystery as to whether he photographed an alien spacecraft or a terrestrial object.

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  1. if he saw the light, in the west, taking 20 mins to move toward the horizon, he was probably seeing Venus. Poland is in the northern hemisphere just like canada and right now Venus is a huge bright evening star. due west after sunset.

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